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Billy Preston, RIP

Untitled document Singer-songwriter Billy Preston has died. Known as the "Fifth Beatle", Preston did years of playing for others before scoring his own hits. His longtime manager, Joyce Moore, said a heart infection in November left him in a coma, … Continue reading

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Popular Mechanics

Untitled document I used to love reading Popular Mechanics magazine when I was a kid. All the wonderful prototypes and gadgets that were just around the corner! The flying cars were a real favorite. I stopped reading the magazine a … Continue reading

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Just Keep Talking

Untitled document I read this just a few minutes ago and it struck me what's wrong with a lot of the left wing thinking these days. Starting right out in the column by trashing both Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Reynolds, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Michael Yon writes one of the most powerful pieces I have yet read on the war and Haditha. This is a must read. In the matter of Haditha, what we do know is that an investigation is underway. … Continue reading

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Still More Unrest In Iran

Untitled document As usual, there is no word of all this in the MSM. Just the usual silence. But the ever reliable Gateway Pundit is still on the case and making a huge link-filled roundup of the growing unrest in … Continue reading

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This Is Nuts

Untitled document Jacques over at Carry On America has an illustration of how bad things can get. England is paying people who fail to make a case for asylum to leave. Because it's cheaper than deporting them. Thousands of failed … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing my trek to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day, today I found my way over to the 82nd Chairborne Division. Kyrie has a nice post up about D-Day also a great rant about what … Continue reading

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Update On Hell

Untitled document A few days ago, we brought you the news that Hell was planning a 666 party today. Hell, Michigan, of course. Well, there's a report on the party in Hell today. Home to only about 70 souls on an average … Continue reading

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D-Day Round-up

Untitled document Blackfive has a lot of links to blogs honoring the anniversary of D-Day, 62 years ago today. Here's some coverage from the BBC of some of the reenactments and ceremonies over the past few days. UPDATE: More from … Continue reading

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Why Is This Even An Issue?

Untitled document Here's a weird little story. It seems that local officials in Queensland in Australia want the state to ban brothels within a certain distance from cemeteries. Why in the world would a brothel build near a cemetery in … Continue reading

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The Problem With Wind Power

Untitled document The New York Times profiles an ardent environmentalist who is also an ardent opponent of wind power. OAKLAND, Md. — Dan Boone has no doubt that his crusade against wind energy is the right way to protect the … Continue reading

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It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!

Untitled document It's a guy with carbon fiber wings strapped to his back. Elite special forces troops being dropped behind enemy lines on covert missions are to ditch their traditional parachutes in favour of strap-on stealth wings. The lightweight carbon … Continue reading

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Tribute To Real Courage

Untitled document Rick Moran has an absolutely wonderful tribute up to the very real courage that thousands of young men displayed 62 years ago today. It was 62 years ago that US Rangers stormed the cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Against Westboro

Untitled document The Barking Moonbat Early Warning System (I love that name) is reporting that a Maryland father is suing the execrable losers from the Westboro Baptist Church for Invasion of Privacy after the cretins picketed his son's funeral. Good … Continue reading

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Rush To Judgement – Reasonable Doubt

Untitled document Andrew Walden has an excellent roundup of what is – and is not – known about Haditha. Not that this has stopped all the hyperbolic press coverage one bit. It's a longish piece, but well worth the read. … Continue reading

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