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The Media In Action

Untitled document If you really want to see how ugly the media has gotten in it's relentless search to find something bad to report, this post from Bill Roggio should about cover it for you. Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan: Earlier this … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing my mission to visit one member of the Fighting 101st each day, today I wandered over to the 7 deadly Sins. I found much love for the French. Don't miss what the French really think of America. There's … Continue reading

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Must. Read. Lileks.

Untitled document This is fabulous. You're an enlightened world citizen. Your T-shirt says "9/11 was an inside job." You're pretty sure we're living in a fascist state, that President Bush taps the Dixie Chicks' phones, Christian abortion clinic bombers outnumber … Continue reading

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Sure He Did

Untitled document Pat Robertson insists he did so lift a ton in a leg-press. Honest. Really. "I did it one time, one rep, but I had built up to it for about three years," Robertson insisted on Wednesday in a … Continue reading

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See What Damage A Sweet Tooth Causes?

Untitled document No, not to your teeth. Well, those too. Thieves in Crystal, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, broke into a Little League concession stand and stole a backpack full of candy valued at about $30. The fled when they … Continue reading

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Please Inform Any Military Personnel

Untitled document Please let anyone you know in the military that the theft of the Veterans Administration data we reported on earlier is even worse than first reported. The data includes personnel data for active duty personnel, reservists and members … Continue reading

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Untitled document Sorry, I have no sympathy whatsoever for this person. In a rare case of officer dissent, a Fort Lewis Army lieutenant has refused orders to head out to Iraq this month to lead troops in what he believes … Continue reading

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Smoking Some Strong Stuff

Untitled document Is Mister Mark Malloch Brown, deputy to Kofi Annan. You see, in Mr. Brown's world the real, honest truth about the UN is being stifled, absolutely RE-pressed by those evil overlords of American information Rush Limbaugh and Fox … Continue reading

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Well, They Certainly Are Enthusiastic

Untitled document Some scientists are all kinds of excited about a new find. it seems that I. plenipes has again been spotted in a remote area of California. First spotted in 1926, the species has eluded capture ever since, apparently. … Continue reading

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Is This A New Rule?

Untitled document Not being a baseball fan at all, since I subscribe to the notion that baseball is 15 minutes of action crammed into a three hour game, I have no idea if this is actually in the rule book … Continue reading

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An Astonishingly Stupid Bill

Untitled document I already posted my opinion of the idiotic effort to form a "native Hawaiian" government by passage of a wrong-headed bill now pending in the Senate. There's a paper out by the Heritage Foundation that really lays out … Continue reading

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Actually, This Says A Lot

Untitled document There's an interesting piece in the Baltimore Examiner today that reveals a lot of what is going wrong with media coverage. President Bush is actually racking up quite a few victories, but coverage of them is lacking. SAN … Continue reading

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Constitutional Amendment Fails

Untitled document The attempt to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage has failed in the Senate. Supporters say the effort is not dead even though they actually lost a vote in the totals from the last time they tried … Continue reading

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And Away We Go

Untitled document There is an unsigned editorial in today's New York Times that accuses Ohio Republicans and Kenneth Blackwell in particular of trying to block voter registrations. They also take a swipe at Florida. There is one real jaw dropper … Continue reading

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Well, The Rhetoric Is Changing A Bit

Untitled document Maybe the White House is starting to understand that an enforcement-first approach to illegal immigration will make a lot of other things possible. Something I've been advocating all along. ARTESIA, N.M., June 6 — President Bush tried on … Continue reading

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