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Untitled document I have heard it said that prosecutors hate to rely on eyewitness testimony, although juries seem to love it. I think I understand why, too. A long time ago, while in training for a new job, we did … Continue reading

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Iraqi Reaction To Zarqawi’s Killing

Untitled document One of the really good friends I have made since starting this blog is Rick over at the Really Ugly American. He linked to me very early on and has been a good source of tips and ideas … Continue reading

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Donald Sensing And A Home Run

Untitled document Donald Sensing has always been one of my favorites. I've been reading him for years, have always been disappointed when he took a break and elated when he came back. He's back now at Winds of Change while … Continue reading

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Hitchens On Zarqawi

Untitled document This would be a must read, a good days work. The death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is excellent news in its own right and even more excellent if, as U.S. sources in Iraq are claiming, it resulted from … Continue reading

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Careful Handling

Untitled document The New York Times provides some insight into the careful way the White House handled the breaking news that Zarqawi had been killed. But it would be exactly five hours until the news would be confirmed, through finger … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing my project to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day, today I went to Tigerhawk. There's a pretty good smackdown of the UN – a subject near and dear to our hearts around here. Quite a … Continue reading

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But Was She Licensed To Carry?

Untitled document A woman bought a chihuahua puppy from a breeder. When she took it to the veterinarian, it turned out the puppy was only four weeks old, too young to leave it's mother. Unfortunately, the puppy died before the … Continue reading

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Weird – Sanity Prevails In Senate

Untitled document Somebody get a picture. In a rare display of sanity, virtually unknown in the Senate these days, the bill to introduce a race-based government in Hawaii has been defeated. It is a core moral and constitutional principle of … Continue reading

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Betting Pool

Untitled document Bruce Kesler is starting a betting pool. I'm in for no more than 8 hours from the time stamp of this post. UPDATE: Oh Heck. I already lost. Dr. Sanity has a roundup of left wing reaction. Someone … Continue reading

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USS Cole Deploys

Untitled document The USS Cole is finally heading back to the Persian Gulf area. The sailors have a memorial to those who died in the terrorist attack on the ship that they see every day. The floor in the corridor leading to … Continue reading

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CentCom Posts Video Of Strike

Untitled document CentCom sent me an email to let me know that they have posted the video of the strike that killed Zarqawi. Unfortunately, the site seems to be under severe load right now, so you'll want to wait until … Continue reading

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Senate Votes To Tax The Dead

Untitled document Now my advice for those who die, Declare the pennies on your eyes, ‘Cos I’m the Taxman, Yeah, I’m the Taxman. (Lennon/McCarney) The Senate today failed to pass a bill that would have ended the estate tax permanently. … Continue reading

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Blog Power

Untitled document Bruce Kessler over at Democracy Project has a post up showing that blogs are being recognized by some media outlets as a powerful voice. Instead of seeing it as competition, smart media operations like the Baltimore Examiner are … Continue reading

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Hey! The Horse Is Gone!

Untitled document Let's lock the barn doors! PC Magazine is reporting that the head of the VA is recalling all laptop computers at the agency. One presumes that "recall" is being used in the context of taking the computers away … Continue reading

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British Authorities Arrest Suspect In Canadian Jihadi Case

Untitled document A 21 year old suspect wanted in connection with the Canadian Jihadi probe was arrested as he stepped off an airplane in Manchester, England. A BRITON said to be a key figure in an alleged plot to bomb … Continue reading

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