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Untitled document Sometimes I post about things before others, sometimes after. This is a an "after" post. Several people have blogged about a somewhat weird article in the Washington Post that discussed the picture frame surrounding the photograph of Zarqawi. … Continue reading

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Sticks Nix Dixie Chicks

Untitled document Well, not really the sticks, just places in the heartland. It seems the Chicks' tour is not at all selling well in a lot of places with some arena venues reporting 5,000 to 6,000 seats sold. Which is … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day, today I went over to see Don Surber. Don covers a wide range of things, but shines when commenting on the media – his profession. … Continue reading

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Size Matters

Untitled document Oh sure, we've all heard this discussion. You know, does size really matter? Well, it certainly does in Des Moines, the capitol of Iowa. They have an area called a "detention basin" ostensibly to hold up rainwater to avoid … Continue reading

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Murtha Hits Bottom, Excavates

Untitled document Not content with just smearing Marines, John Murtha has begun handing letters to fellow Democratic Congressmen informing them that should the Democrats win back the House, he intends to run for the number two spot. As readers will … Continue reading

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Let’s All Step Back

Untitled document Clarice Feldman has an article up at The American Thinker asking if Haditha was a hoax. I do not think this is a good line to take here while the investigation is still underway. Are there huge contradictions … Continue reading

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Zarqawi In Paradise

Untitled document Ladies and gentlemen, the magnificent Iowahawk. UPDATE: And the Protein Wisdom interview. Jeff is absolutely right about John Cafferty, too. Tweet

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Inside Job

Untitled document This should be amusing. Warning to all the Koz Kiddies at the big luau in Vegas: There is a spy among you. Someone, maybe the person next to you is a Republican! They'll spend the rest of the … Continue reading

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Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Crisis

Untitled document Iran has confirmed it has begun further uranium enrichment activities. An Iranian official has confirmed that the country has stepped up its nuclear activities, following a report from the UN atomic agency that said Iran has accelerated uranium … Continue reading

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You’re Using Crustaceans For WHAT?

Untitled document We here in the Crabitat are not sure whether to be proud or angry. Doctors have come up with a new technique to grow replacement human bone lost through accident or surgery. The process uses seaweed and  a … Continue reading

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Good News

Untitled document When I was growing up, I had some friends around the corner, two sisters and a brother. I used to love hanging out over there because they were fun and their Mom was one of the nicest ladies … Continue reading

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On Stratification

Untitled document The Baltimore Examiner takes a look at the recent Canadian Jihadi arrests and questions the use by an RCMP spokesman of the term "broad strata" when describing those arrested. (I had something to say about that here.) WASHINGTON … Continue reading

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A Stylish Send-Off

Untitled document This is a fun story, in a weird sort of way. It seems that the African Nation of Ghana has a few, well, odd funeral customs. One of these is burying the dead in outlandish custom coffins. Brightly … Continue reading

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The Best Of Times, The Wurst Of Times

Untitled document German police are investigating the potential murder of a woman. They strongly suspect she may have met her end at the hands of the man they are currently holding in custody. What is the suspected murder weapon, you … Continue reading

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Today’s Bottom Of The Barrel Award

Untitled document Goes to Kathleen Ensz, vice chairwoman of a state Senate district committee for the county Democratic Party In Greeley, Colorado. She brings a whole new aroma to politics. Republican U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's re-election campaign was already heated, … Continue reading

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