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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing on in my journey to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day, today I went over to Shoot A Liberal. SeanS also has a few issues with the AP. He also appears to have the … Continue reading

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Untitled document I suppose everyone in the US has seen the road sign that reads "Blind Drive". Which, if it literally meant what it said, would explain much of the driving we see on the roads every day. But of … Continue reading

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I Stand In Awe

Untitled document At the type of men and women who serve this nation in our armed forces. I read this article and my admiration grew. MAHMOUDIYA, Iraq – Parallel scars running down 1st Sgt. Rick Skidis' calf tell the story … Continue reading

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Attack Cat On Duty

Untitled document Bears enter at your own risk. The Dickey family of West Milford, New Jersey has a 15 pound tabby cat named Jack who is very territorial. He often chases other animals out of their yard. Oh, and he's … Continue reading

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Reasonable Or Not?

Untitled document It appears that a number of wind energy projects are currently on hold while the Department of Defense conducts a study on the effect the farms might have on radar sites. Proponents of the projects charge that this … Continue reading

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Another Problem

Untitled document It seems the plug-in I installed to fight comment spam also kills trackbacks (thanks to Don Singleton for pointing that out). So I have deactivated it again and am now hunting for a new way to stop the … Continue reading

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Flooding The Zone

Untitled document With sodomy. No, really. Aravosis, the serial trafficker in Republicans-are-gay rumors, cheerfully defends Democratic mudslinging. Kos says that every time the Right tries a “wedge issue”, the left needs to find a way to make it hurt the … Continue reading

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Naked Justice

Untitled document Well, I guess todays theme is all the nudes that's fit to print. Or nudes that cause fits. Or something like that. Item: A sheriff's deputy from Hot Springs, Arkansas is now jobless and is facing criminal charges for … Continue reading

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I’m Going To Have To Disagree With Joe

Untitled document Joe Gandelman has a post about a campaign flyer that was written in response to an AP article published in Forbes. It would appear that Gandelman wrote the entire post based on that article. And I think he … Continue reading

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Smear The Troops Campaign In High Gear

Untitled document In a completely new low for journalism, the AP elevates a baseless charge by a supposed eyewitness who refuses to be named, hides his face from the camera and who's story cannot be verified by anyone into a … Continue reading

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Leave The Man Alone

Untitled document The latest silly uproar being hyped by the media is over a small restaurant in Philadelphia. The owner of Geno's, a cheese steak joint, has a policy requiring that orders be given in English. That is his right. … Continue reading

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Reporters In Pajamas

Untitled document The New York Times Reporter covering the Koz Klan's gathering in Las Vegas admits he wrote his article while wearing pajamas. Kate Phillips mentions that in her last paragraph. Other than that, her story is a typical attempt … Continue reading

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Charges Filed

Untitled document Police have filed charges against Kathleen Ensz, the Democratic party official in Colorado who decided to stuff an envelope full of dog feces into the mail slot of the Republican candidate's campaign office. A former professor of French … Continue reading

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Morning Laugh

Untitled document First thing this morning, the Washington Post gives you your morning laugh. Writing about John Murtha's announcement of his decision to seek the Majority leader's post if the Democrats win the House, the Post gives these knee-slappers: He … Continue reading

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