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One Has To Ask

Untitled document What the heck Harry Reid is smoking? Does Reid honestly believe the elected officials must now answer to career bureaucrats? Because this sure sounds like that is exactly what he is demanding: The administration's national intelligence director would … Continue reading

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Damn. As If.

Untitled document I could ever write the way Mark Steyn can. Read the whole thing. Tweet

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Untitled document Sarge Just sent this: It's been a little while since I've posted here, but Friday night all the things in the world news that I'd been planning to write about suddenly became completely unimportant. Friday night a soldier … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document My continuing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to the Wide Awake Café today. Laura Lee Donoho notes a very special anniversary and does a bit of car blogging. Laura … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Has Landed

Untitled document Julia "Butterfly" Hill has come down out of her walnut tree. Other volunteers have been training to take the tree-sitting activist's place. She also broke a hunger strike. "I ate a couple of bites of food from the … Continue reading

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Ode To A Fire Ant

Untitled document There's a stereotype out there of the scientist that paints them as, well, a bit weird. You've all seen the slightly dotty depictions of scientists in countless movies and television shows. Sometimes they are more weird than others, … Continue reading

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Perhaps You Should Make A Pair Of Boots?

Untitled document A Tualatin, Oregon man is looking for a new home for himself and his family. It seems the city is, in his words, discriminating and he just won't live there. A neighbor had complained about his family members … Continue reading

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The Curse Of The Mummy

Untitled document Is apparently in the disguise not working and getting caught. A man entered a bank in Jackson, Mississippi completely swathed in bandages. He asked a teller for some help, then vaulted over the counter and grabbed a bunch of … Continue reading

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Details On The Zarqawi Safe House

Untitled document The Washington Post has a description of the remains of the building where Zarqawi was killed. Frankly, it doesn't shed a lot of light on anything, just pretty well describes what two 500 pound bombs will do to … Continue reading

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Tin Ears

Untitled document Well, if this guy is trying to reassure the British people that Muslims are fine, decent people who are not intent on imposing their views on the west he's taking a particularly weird tack to do so. Suggesting that Britons … Continue reading

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Who Are You And What Have You Done

Untitled document with Germany? In a frankly stunning development as far as I am concerned, a very diverse coalition of political groups, religious leaders and other prominent Germans are protesting Iranian policies all across Germany. This is the single largest … Continue reading

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More True Love From The Kozvention

Untitled document Allah's secret operative at the Koz Kidz shindig has a very, very strong stomach indeed. Although he confesses to almost losing it in this report. What's really telling is that there really is no recognition in the crowd … Continue reading

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Getting Word Out

Untitled document I think this is very, very important. The Iraqi Foreign Minister is getting word out about who is really targeting civilians in Iraq. I'll give you a hint here, it is not US forces. ABU DHABI — The … Continue reading

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There’s A Warning There

Untitled document Well, the big convention in Las Vegas has ended, Adam Nagourney reports. Some of the participants from the Democratic establishment are recognizing the potential that blogs have. But whether the Koz Kidz realize it or not, there was … Continue reading

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War On Terror Working?

Untitled document A story today points out that the war on terror has been quite a lot more successful than a lot of people realize. Estimates are that about forty percent of known terrorists have been killed or captured since … Continue reading

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