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Helping Out The Kiwis

Untitled document The site is getting an enormous number of search engine hits looking for pictures of Lisa Lewis, the semi-streaker from New Zealand. So they don't sprain a finger, purely as a public service, mind you, here's a picture. … Continue reading

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Flags And Freedom

Untitled document I will have to agree with Bob Kerrey on this particular issue. An amendment to the Constitution to ban the burning of the flag is a bad idea. With campaigns at full tilt and the Fourth of July … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be Me!

Untitled document Then Dan Rather becaue, well, Dan Rather gets the boot! It has nothing whatsoever to do with his presentation of forged documents. Nope. Honest. Really. That's what they are saying. NEW YORK — CBS executives have decided there … Continue reading

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The press Plays It’s Hand

Untitled document Specifically the Washington Post here. Before the debate on the Iraq war even begins in the House, the WaPo comes out with an article that is rather badly, and rather obviously, skewed. While the debate is an obvious … Continue reading

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Chuck Recovers, But Appears Groggy

Untitled document Chuck "Is There A Camera In The House?" Schumer recovered from his disorientation over George Bush's sudden spate of good press and delivered a victory lap talk to reporters because Webb won in the Virginia primary. At a … Continue reading

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Joementum In The News

Untitled document Well, I still stand by my earlier take on Lieberman. What his long-time associate did the other day was a very, very smart political move. I don't think the left or the main stream media understood what Lieberman … Continue reading

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Well, It’s A Start

Untitled document It's pretty weak, but it's at least a semblance of a line item veto bill. The House Budget Committee on Wednesday approved by a 24-9 vote a bill to allow the president to single out wasteful items contained … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Oh For Heaven’s Sake

Untitled document Well, this is great. The Philadelphia restaurant, Geno's, that put up a sign telling customers to order in English has been hit with a discrimination complaint by the city's Commission on Human Relations. It has now become a free … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document My continuing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st continued today and I found my way over to Jarhead's Firing Range. He's got one particular post that caught my eye. It seems to New Jersey legislators … Continue reading

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Cute Fuzzy Hippos

Untitled document A British woman traveling in a canoe on Botswana’s Okavanga Delta with a group of fellow travelers was enchanted by the scenery and the wildlife she was seeing on her safari. A glorious idyllic journey to see the … Continue reading

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Montana Town Bans Lawnmower

Untitled document The town council of the thriving metropolis of Manhattan, Montana has just ordered Bob Perkins to get rid of his lawnmower after a neighbor complained. The growing town (population 1,400) couldn't let Bob keep his lawnmower. Others might … Continue reading

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How Business Doesn’t Work

Untitled document John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has a post up excerpting something John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market wrote. It's all about business, business models and what doesn't really work in the real world. Well … Continue reading

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Reading Roundup

Untitled document Curt over at Flopping Aces has gathered up a bunch of reading highlights if you're looking for something to peruse on a Wednesday. Tweet

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Hamas Imitates Mafia

Untitled document Right down to using a bagman to deliver the cash from the shakedowns. RAFAH, Gaza Strip – Hours after angry civil servants stormed parliament, the Palestinian foreign minister came back Wednesday from a trip to Muslim nations carrying … Continue reading

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