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Untitled document You know, I really dislike Harry Reid's constant posturing for the press. This one really gets my goat, though. After hurling one verbal bomb after another at the President over his conduct of the war, Harry comes out … Continue reading

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Untitled document My buddy Rick over at The Real Ugly American sent me this link. I strongly advise that you do not watch this video. Really. I mean it. No kidding. Honest. (If you do watch it, drop me a … Continue reading

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The Sycophant Six

Untitled document Full and complete credit for this one to Shawn at Joab's Blog Empire. In comments he he said that the six Senators who voted against a motion that pulling the troops out of Iraq was against the best … Continue reading

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Get Thee Away…

Untitled document … Jefferson. The Democratic leadership met today and voted to strip William Jefferson of his committee post. The Congressional Black Caucus is crying foul. WASHINGTON (CNN) — With members of the Congressional Black Caucus crying double standard, House … Continue reading

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Oops, They Stole My Thunder

Untitled document That's what John "Wanna See My Hat?" Kerry has got to be saying to himself right now. As he's punting the family dog, of course. After all his telegraphing how he was planning to introduce a measure to … Continue reading

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Bikini Blogging

Untitled document Well, this is just the gift that keeps on giving. Having blogged before on Lisa Lewis, the young woman from New Zealand who semi-streaked a soccer match wearing a bikini, I just have to update on the very … Continue reading

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Best Wishes, Captain Ed

Untitled document Captain Ed from The Captain's Quarters has been in the hospital with a ruptured disk in his back. Tomorrow he is scheduled to undergo surgery. I think everyone, left or right will join me in wishing him the … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my continuing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day took me over to Hillbilly White Trash. Lemuel Calhoon has a number of interesting posts up. I was surprised to see that he had … Continue reading

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Cause And Effect

Untitled document I had a drive-by commenter the other day who took exception to a graph I had posted showing temperatures versus CO2 concentration. The commenter didn't like that the graph ended in 1950 and demanded that I use another … Continue reading

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Whoa! Big News

Untitled document Bill Gates is stepping away from a day to day role at Microsoft to devote more time to his charity work. Can we still pick on him? UPDATE: A lot more detail coming out now. Washington Post has … Continue reading

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Support The Troops

Untitled document I just got word of this via Protein Wisdom. First, from Hot Air, an email encouraging supporters of “Hadji Girl” songster Cpl Belile to resist the PC sensibilities that have turned an ironic, fictional narrative set to music … Continue reading

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This Is Kind Of Sad

Untitled document Four flags from the American revolution that were captured by a fairly notorious British cavalry officer have been sold at auction by one of his descendants. The flags were auctioned by Sotheby's for a record $17.3 million dollars. … Continue reading

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Manhattan Spared!

Untitled document Manhattan, Montana, that is. Yesterday we brought you the story of Buddy, the lawn mowing goat who was rudely evicted from his job by the town council. It turns out that the town council was completely correct in … Continue reading

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A Mutually Beneficial Spiral Of Death

Untitled document Here's a report on a study by two economists on terrorism and the media coverage it generates. It shows that there is a disgusting symbiotic relationship between the two. "Both the media and terrorists benefit from terrorist incidents," … Continue reading

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Smart Lawyer

Untitled document Here's an interesting story from the Washington Times. It seems that the defense lawyer for one of the Marines currently being investigated over the incident at Haditha plans to call John Murtha as a witness should charges be … Continue reading

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