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Wild Card

Untitled document We've all heard – incessantly – that Hillary Clinton is THE front-runner for the 2008 presidential nomination. We've all watched as many others have been positioning themselves for a try at the prize. Whether it's Feingold trying for … Continue reading

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A Hint At What Is Wrong

Untitled document The Washington Post has a story that shows what is being missed in the illegal immigration debate. It starts off with the arrest of three brothers trying to get into the country. They are caught, brought before a … Continue reading

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Word From The Street In Iraq

Untitled document Omar from Iraq The Model reports that the first part of the crackdown in Baghdad did indeed slow the violence. Then the terrorists figured out how to adjust and pulled off more attacks. I suspect this is going … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Weird Sky

Untitled document This is something I don't recall ever seeing before. A scrap of rainbow directly overhead. It had not been raining, and it was just a streak that lasted a few minutes. I fooled with the contrast to make … Continue reading

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Argument By Motive

Untitled document Tigerhawk has an interesting analysis on the latest diatribe by Juan Cole. I think it pretty well describes Cole's normal tactics. American hawks tied to the Israeli Likud Party, such as Michael Ledeen and Michael Rubin, who are … Continue reading

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Shuttle To Launch July 1st

Untitled document NASA announced today that STS-121 will be launched on July 1st. The much delayed launch of Discovery was finally agreed to after several days worth of meetings. The most contentious debate at the meeting focused on whether the … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day took me over to Strata-Sphere. Where A. J. Strata is beating holy heck out of the Democrats new direction. Which as near as I can … Continue reading

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I Flunk, Therefore I Sue

Untitled document Leave it to the French to raise entitlements to an unheard of level. Now, students who fail exams can sue for damages.  PARIS (Reuters) – The nephew of a former Socialist minister has successfully sued the French state … Continue reading

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Lethal Weapon Update

Untitled document Last week you brought you the scintillating story of the woman who used a dead chihuahua puppy as a weapon to beat another woman over the head. As you may recall, the assailant had bought a puppy from … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Peace

Untitled document The US Navy believes it has found the remains of the World War II submarine USS Lagarto, lost in the last few months of the war. US Navy divers have found strong evidence that the wreck, found by a … Continue reading

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A Far From Safe Bet

Untitled document Betting on American failure in Iraq. So says Victor Davis Hanson. Lately, it has become popular to recant on Iraq. When 2,500 Americans are lost, and when the improvised explosive device monopolizes the war coverage, it is easy … Continue reading

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More Violence In Iran

Untitled document Gateway Pundit once again shames the MSM who simply cannot be bothered to look at what is going on inside Iran. There appear to be a number of clashes going on between government forces and protests which seem … Continue reading

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“To Put The National Interest Above Partisan Interest.”

Untitled document Today's Washington Post has an article about Joe Lieberman and the Connecticut primary. It's quite interesting to read. "I think we did the right thing in overthrowing Saddam, and I think we are safer as a result," he … Continue reading

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“I Don’t See Why People Care About Patriotism.”

Untitled document Says Natalie Maines, lead singer for the Dixie Chicks in an interview in the Telegraph. With their origins as bouffant-haired ingénues playing bluegrass music long forgotten, the Chicks are in Miami to attend a Sony BMG conference, where … Continue reading

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