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No End In Sight

Untitled document The New York Times uses that expression to end an editorial about Iraq. Yes, there is no end in sight, alright. But not exactly what the NYT wrote. Pretending things are better than they are will not make … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document My mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day today led me to the father of this whole 101st thing, Captain's Quarters. Captain Ed is out of the hospital and feeling quite a bit better … Continue reading

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Sky (Again)

Untitled document Oh heck, I started posting pictures of the sky, I might as well keep doing it. Tweet

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Which Way Are The Rafts Headed?

Untitled document Bill Whittle at Eject! Eject! Eject! has decided to write a book. And the one line, the one thing that makes it a must read, is the title of this post. So throughout this book, we will try … Continue reading

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Murtha Flambé

Untitled document I suspect John Murtha may have finally done a major amount of damage to himself today. I did not watch his appearance on Meet The Press today, but have read the transcript. Now the left wing might want … Continue reading

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Running Right

Untitled document Well, Senator Joe Biden is making no bones about his intention to try to secure the nomination for President. He's also trying very hard to stake out the territory on the right side of the Democratic party. While … Continue reading

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Untitled document An article in the Washington Post describes how US forces in Afghanistan are using more air strikes than are being used in Iraq. This is a surprise? There are 22,000 troops in Afghanistan. There are 130,000 in Iraq. … Continue reading

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Oh, Bull

Untitled document You know, I probably read more news than is really good for me sometimes. I've always been a news junkie, and frankly, the internet hasn't been helpful in curbing that particular passion. But for all the news I … Continue reading

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And Now A Word From An Alternate Universe

Untitled document Bill Clinton addressed a gathering of Alternative Newsweeklies the other day. It was an alternative alright. A completely alternate universe in which Clinton decried "divisive politics" with a perfectly straight face. LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Former President Bill … Continue reading

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Star For A Day

Untitled document A six year old girl from Boise Idaho became a superhero named Star for a day: When she donned her blue and metallic superhero costume, Star took on the super-powers of X-ray vision, superhuman strength, speed and blowing power … Continue reading

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Turkey In The News

Untitled document In a move to set a world record, a young Turkish man studied extremely hard for months to prepare for the notoriously difficult centralized college entrance exam. We're talking really burning the midnight oil here, too, since the … Continue reading

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And Some People Will Still Make Excuses

Untitled document The Baltimore Sun: Paul Schrum wanted to see X-Men: The Last Stand, but his wife wasn't interested in the film. So on Thursday evening- which is her night for mah-jongg with friends – he hugged her, kissed her … Continue reading

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Stupidity Repeating Itself

Untitled document Sweetness and Light has a great post up about John Murtha and his cut and run track record. It also details the consequences of following Murtha's prescription. Murtha has been showing his true colors for many years and … Continue reading

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A Helpful Guide

Untitled document From Time magazine comes a handy little guide on how to kill lots of people. Oh, and a signed death warrant for an informant. They explain what ingredients are needed and give a hint on the device you … Continue reading

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Untitled document Joe Lauria writes in today's Washington Post about Jason Leopold and some very shady dealings. It seems that Leopold may have pretended to be Lauria when trying to bully a story out of Mark Corallo. It is definite … Continue reading

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