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From Time magazine comes a handy little guide on how to kill lots of people. Oh, and a signed death warrant for an informant. They explain what ingredients are needed and give a hint on the device you need to make it work. Gee, thanks, Time. Then they announce:

Conventional wisdom has long held that the U.S. has no human intelligence assets inside al Qaeda. "That is not true," writes Suskind. Over the previous six months, U.S. agents had been receiving accurate tips from a man the writer identifies simply as "Ali," a management-level al-Qaeda operative who believed his leaders had erred in attacking the U.S. directly. "The group was now dispersed," writes Suskind. "A few of its leaders and many foot soldiers were captured or dead. As with any organization, time passed and second-guessing began."

And when asked about the Mubtakkar and the names of the men arrested in Saudi Arabia, Ali was aware of the plot. He identified the key man as Bin Laden's top operative on the Arabian Peninsula, Yusuf al Ayeri, a.k.a. "Swift Sword," who had been released days earlier by Saudi authorities, unaware that al-Ayeri was bin Laden's point man in the kingdom.

Now, I realize Time is getting all this from Ron Suskind's new book that they are excerpting, but what in the heck possesses Suskind or Time to publish this kind of stuff? Will Suskind or Time take any heat when someone follows their handy little how-to guide? Will they be accountable when "Ali" is beheaded? Even if Ali is never detected, do you think anyone else is going to cooperate with US intelligence knowing that people like Suskind and Time magazine are going to do their level best to out them?

Who's best interests are you working for, again? I don't see how you have served any public interest, except maybe the terrorist's.

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  1. Black Jack says:

    It just goes to show that we can’t possibly win the war against terrorism. We find and kill Zarkawi and immediately Time Magazine takes his place as leader of Al-Qaeda.

    Kill one terrorist, spawn a new leader with nationwide circulation and First Amendment protection. We’re doomed.

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