Got One

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Captain Ed has been following events in Iraq today while I was busy paying respects. It would appear that a big fish just got killed and possibly several others captured.

UPDATE IV: Thanks to CQ reader Brendan F, we see that the BBC has updated their report:

Gen Caldwell said on Tuesday US forces had killed Zarqawi's "right-hand man" in a raid in Yusifiya on Friday, near where the US troops were abducted.

The general said Iraqi Mansur Suleiman al-Mashhadani was "a key leader in al-Qaeda" and could have succeeded Zarqawi.

So now we have mainstream media confirmation on the kill — and it appears we also have another senior AQI leader detained. It may take some time to get the information clear about the later CENTCOM release.

I think that sounds like some pretty good news.

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