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A Fierce And Fearless Protector

Untitled document Of the inalienable rights of terrorists! The New York Times has done it again! severely damaged or outright crippled the ability of the US government to fight terrorism. This time they have fearlessly disclosed a top-secret program that … Continue reading

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Terror Bust In Miami

Untitled document And it's a big one. Seven people have been arrested. Allegations are that they may have been targeting the Sears Tower in Chicago and the building that houses the FBI offices in Miami along with other potential targets.. … Continue reading

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MooreOn Dot Org

Untitled document Confederate Yankee is having a lot of fun with this post! And a worthy target it is. Although rather hard to miss at planetary girth! Tweet

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Untitled document Tweet

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to The Assistant Village Idiot. If we take him at his word, and he is the assistant to the village idiot, I … Continue reading

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Working It In Every Chance They Get

Untitled document The media is getting a bit desperate sounding lately, to my ear. They are reaching further and further to work in at least one reference to Vietnam into any story they write. The New York Times coverage of … Continue reading

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Why Is It?

Untitled document That the only people who keep calling for a military draft are Democrats or columnists who either are outright Democrats, or left wing in their beliefs? This is just that same, old lament that they can't seem to … Continue reading

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Bush In Hungary

Untitled document President Bush spoke in Hungary and from the report I am reading it looks as if he gave a pretty good speech. One of the regular commenters here is from Hungary, so I look forward to his take … Continue reading

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Hamas Says US and Britain Will Be Conquered By Islam

Untitled document "We will rule the nations, by Allah's will, the USA will be conquered, Israel will be conquered, Rome and Britain will be conquered… The Jihad for Allah… is the way of Truth and the way for Salvation and … Continue reading

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Murtha Most Foul

Untitled document Writing over at Real Clear Politics, Jack Kelly guts, fillets and gently sautés John Murtha's redeployment strategy of moving our forces to the really convenient location of Okinawa, 4,899 miles away as the crow flies. "My question is, … Continue reading

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Blogger Released From Egyptian Jail

Untitled document Egyptian Blogger Alaa has been released. After a lot of frantic worrying along the way, I might add. They released him from prison to a police station where he was being mistreated. But a gathering of protesters in … Continue reading

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Overdue For Bump And Grind?

Untitled document California tumbles into the sea That'll be the day I go Back to Annandale Tried to warn you About Chino and Daddy Gee But I can't seem to get to you Through the U.S. Mail Well I hear … Continue reading

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Nice Hyperbole!

Untitled document "It's outrageous, it shows that we are in the people's republic of Kentucky now – that government will block political speech that it does not approve of," So quoth Mark Nickolas, operator of the bluegrassreport website in an … Continue reading

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Well, That Was Impressive

Untitled document Allah has the voting results for the two Democratic amendments that were just voted down. Handily. Kerry-Feingold killed, 86-13,  Levin-Reed amendment fairs little better, 39-60. So much for the netroots awesome power. Tweet

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Migraine News

Untitled document Researchers are reporting that they have developed a way to stop migraine headaches virtually before they start using a device that generates a magnetic pulse. In a recent study, researchers tested a device called a transcranial magnetic stimulator, … Continue reading

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