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"I just wanted to personally thank my good pal, Bill Keller the editor of the New York Times, for helping us figure out how all those great plans kept unraveling on us. Without outstanding people of his caliber, our efforts would never bear fruit. His hard work to uncover plots against us has been the number one reason for our continued success. Thanks, Bill."

Update: Others as frustrated and angry about this as I am. Or even more so. Patterico, Bull Moose, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Prairie Pundit, Pundit Guy, Confederate Yankee, Strata-Sphere, Liberty and Justice, The Emperor, Outside The Beltway, Anchoress, Orin Kerr, Influence Peddler, The American Thinker, Squiggler, Mac's Mind, Hyscience, Reverse Vampyre, Riehl World View, All Things Beautiful, Tinkerty Tonk, Dadmanly, A Blog For All,

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  2. Richard says:

    So, what happens to that line when the enemy is one of us – as in our own MSM?

  3. Gaius says:

    That is the problem, isn’t it?

  4. Out in my neck of the woods, before Statehood, there often weren’t federal marshalls around to take out the bad guys. The Cherokee also had their own citizens police force. The white folks would often take photos and give newspaper interviews. There isn’t much historical record of what teh various Indian citizens protection groups did the the bad guys they caught.

    When the government is too scared to protect the citizenry it becomes time for the citizenry to protect themselves. We’ve had a little over 100 years where the American People have had the luxury of the government doing well one of the few things is really is supposed to do…defend us from the bad guys amongst us so we don’t have to.

    We either have to put some balls in government or take up the challenge of protecting ourselves. I’d vastly prefer the government grow some balls and throw those bastards in jail. The Constitution is not supposed to be a suicide pact despite what the liberal lawyers, judges and MSM seem intent on doing.

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