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Don’t Miss This

Untitled document KT Cat's marketing analysis of the New York Times fine, fine business sense and strategy for publishing national security secrets. Tweet

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We Got Ring Girls!

Untitled document Our brand new bestest friend in the whole world, KT Cat from The Scratching Post has brought us the long wished for ring girls we have been calling for to announce the rounds in the Kos/TNR cage match. … Continue reading

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The (Non)Persistence Of Memory (Redux)

Untitled document James Wolcott defending Kos: Admittedly, I don't circulate as much as Mickey Kaus, who I gather is moonlighting as the Jerry Zipkin for fright-night bachelorettes, but you would think that by now I would have come across some … Continue reading

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All I Can Say Is

Untitled document Shazam. I really didn't get into this aspect of the Armstrong business but it's getting, quite frankly, too funny not to at least link to Tom Maguire and his coverage. He was not the first on the story … Continue reading

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Enough Already

Untitled document Well, we have another former CIA officer writing a book and yet another screaming headline. This time it's in the Washington Post. "Warnings on WMD 'Fabricator' Were Ignored" the headline screams. I'm quite sure there will be much … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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NYT Now Publishing Classified Military Plans

Untitled document Well, the last line has been crossed. The New York Times is now publishing secret military troop displacement plans. The are actually broadcasting the plans General Casey has drawn up for how the military is planning to draw … Continue reading

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Untitled document The headline reads "Lieberman, Lamont differ on Iraq". The article describes the essential difference, too. "In the morning he said he was against the Kerry Amendment for an immediate withdrawal," Sen. Lieberman said. "By the end of the … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to Pekin Prattles. The Duke of DeLand is not at all happy with the New York Times. Or the ACLU. Stop … Continue reading

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Right Cross To The Wallet

Untitled document Patterico has canceled his subscription to the LA Times over their printing of the story about the legal and effective anti-terrorist money tracking program. I explained to the person who answered the phone that I was cancelling because … Continue reading

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TNR Vs. Zuniga – Not Even Fair

Untitled document Lee Siegel at TNR has been getting the full Koz Kidz deluge after a piece he wrote about Kos. He's not impressed with the thuggishness. At the end of my post yesterday, I wrote, "The blogosphere's fanaticism is, … Continue reading

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Details On Miami Arrests

Untitled document Today's New York Times has some more details on the arrests made in Miami. The plot is described as still being in the talking stages. CAIR is insisting the men are not Muslims – which has never mattered … Continue reading

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Maintaining Unit Discipline

Untitled document The British Army has always been long on tradition and stubbornly clings to those traditions, no matter what. It is important to them that unit discipline be maintained, especially when they are on parade. So it's really no surprise … Continue reading

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Despite All The Dire Warnings

Untitled document Soccer fans in Germany for the World Cup are pretty much keeping it in their pants. The expected (and much ballyhooed) boom in business for prostitutes has not materialized. Only a very few places have seen an increase … Continue reading

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Unusual Escape Vehicle

Untitled document A man from Crystal Lake, Minnesota led police on a harrowing chase. Well, maybe that's a bit too strongly worded since the vehicle the man was using was a mini-bike. A call came in reporting that Douglas Lee … Continue reading

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