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Phony Outrage, Phoney Equivalence

Untitled document Democratic politicians hit the airwaves today shouting that the leaked reports from the New York Times about general Casey's briefing on troop reductions sounded "like their plans". Senate Democrats reacted angrily yesterday to a report that the U.S. … Continue reading

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Word Straight From The Horses…

Untitled document Pick your own end. Bill "I decide, you listen" Kellor, editor of the New York Times explains his reasoning for publishing the story on the financial tracking program. Right off the bat he descends into the realm of … Continue reading

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Apology – See You And Raise You

Untitled document Jason Zengerle from The New Republic responds to allegations that he "fabricated" an email attributed to Steve Gilliard. He apologizes quite handsomely for an error. The email did not, in fact come from Gilliard. Zengerle did not check with … Continue reading

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Painted Sky

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me abroad to the Netherlands. Liberty and Justice is the blog run by Michael Galien, who has been kind enough to link here now … Continue reading

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I Know There Is A Special Place

Untitled document For the people of the Westboro cult (they are not Baptists). They have announced plans to picket the funerals of the two murdered soldiers. REDMOND, Ore. – A community memorial service for Pfc. Thomas Tucker of Madras, one of two … Continue reading

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The Palestinians Commit Mass Suicide

Untitled document The al Aksa Martyrs Brigade (hereafter referred to as the idiots) just announced publicly that they have chemical and biological weapons and will not hesitate to use them. And they will almost certainly be killed to the last … Continue reading

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Somebody, Please

Untitled document UPDATE: 6/28/2006: The Paper that originally reported this has issued a correction. The Sun-Sentinal now states that Murtha said: Many people around the world consider the American presence in Iraq dangerous to world peace, U.S. Rep. John Murtha, … Continue reading

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Conservative Counterweight

Untitled document Up until now all the media attention has been on the Koz Kiddiez and their antics. Of course, the knives are out now and it's not quite as much fun for the Kidz at the moment. Still, the … Continue reading

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Calling For Prosecution

Untitled document Representative Peter King, Republican from New York, is calling for the prosecution of the newspapers that have published national security information. Specifically, King is asking the Justice Department to go after the editors, publishers and reporters who printed … Continue reading

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Military Service And What It Grants

Untitled document One of the more offensive tactics being used by the left is the chickenhawk meme. It's used to attack those who have not served in the armed forces who support the war. The charge goes like this, "You … Continue reading

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The Shame Of Silence

Untitled document The Associated Press has an article out asking why Europe's Muslims have been largely silent in the face of the terror attacks there that have killed at least 254 people. Bombings in Spain and England have received little … Continue reading

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Browser Warning

Untitled document That helpful, free web browser you install may just be dangerous. A free Web browser that bills itself as a tool for privacy protection is, in fact, a click-fraud engine for pornographic Web sites, security vendor Panda Software … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just In The US, Either

Untitled document The animal rebellion is worldwide and growing daily! Now people in England are being warned to stay away from a giant, evil porcupine that escaped from a nature park. The quilly menace has long, deadly poison-filled quills. It's … Continue reading

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