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Bear Left

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard hate to keep being the bearers of bad news, but the animal uprising is simply too important to ignore. We've been warning about the bears being on the march the past few … Continue reading

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Seeing One Side

Untitled document Norm Geras has a post that starts out detailing seven reports of atrocities committed in Iraq. Atrocities committed by terrorists on Iraqi civilians. He does this to introduce an opinion from the Guardian by columnist Gary Younge. Geras … Continue reading

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Pump It Up!

Untitled document I've been on tenterhooks Ending in dirty looks, Listening to the muzak, Thinking 'bout this n that. She said thats that. I don't wanna chitter-chat. Turn it down a little bit Or turn it down flat. Pump it … Continue reading

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Palestinian Suicide Watch

Untitled document Media sources are reporting that the Palestinian group that kidnapped an 18-year old Israeli has announced his execution. The Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) supposedly made the announcement, but no confirmation has yet been received. Reports are in the … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st led me over to Don Singleton. Don's been kind enough to link here now and then. Don has a commentary up about Barack Obama's statements that … Continue reading

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I’ll Bet That Was Fun

Untitled document Israeli jets made a low-level (and presumably high speed) pass over the summer residence of Bashar Assad, the president of Syria. Israeli warplanes buzzed the summer residence of Syrian President Bashar Assad early Wednesday, military officials said, in … Continue reading

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“Wow, that’s terrific bass”!

Untitled document A classic line from a classic skit, Saturday Night Live, Dan Ackroyd and the Bass-o-Matic. Now that was a funny moment. But there are a couple of guys not laughing about bass right now. It seems two Kentucky … Continue reading

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200,000 Evacuated In Pennsylvania

Untitled document Torrential rains have forced authorities to order the evacuation of 200,000 people in the Wilkes-Barre area as the Susquehanna River rose to record levels. Thousands more were ordered to leave their homes in New Jersey, New York and … Continue reading

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Harsh Assessment

Untitled document All the desperate spinning of the media and the left will not undo the damage that the New York Times has done to the US effort to collect data that tracks terrorist's financial transfers. That's not the vast … Continue reading

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Oh Drat. All That Posturing For Nothing.

Untitled document Early reports of an amnesty offer in Iraq included some speculation that the plan might pardon terrorists who had killed Americans. This allowed a lot of Democratic politicians to suddenly demonstrate their support for the troops by making … Continue reading

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It’s The 60’s All Over Again

Untitled document According to Screamin' Howie Dean, we're about to enter the 60's again. (CNSNews.com) – America is about to revisit one of the most turbulent decades in its history, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told a religious conference … Continue reading

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The Way Too Much Fun Ships

Untitled document The cruise ship company Carnival uses the slogan "The Fun Ships". But the Australian branch of the P&O cruise line has the way too much fun ships. In fact, the fun turned deadly. SYDNEY (AFP) – Passengers on P … Continue reading

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If You Still Need Proof

Untitled document That terrorists read American media reports, here it is. The AP reports that "insurgents" are offering to lay down their weapons if US forces set a two-year deadline for withdrawal. The demand is part of a broad offer … Continue reading

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Really Smooth Move

Untitled document As nearly as I can figure, the various Palestinian factions have hit upon the one sure-fire operational plan that will virtually eliminate any sympathy they may have had in the world. They have decided on a kidnapping campaign … Continue reading

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New Security Requirements

Untitled document Too late, but better than nothing. The Office of Management and Budget has given all Federal agencies 45 days to comply with new guidelines for computer data security. To comply with the new policy, agencies will have to … Continue reading

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