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A Thing Of Beauty

Untitled document Is a joy, forever. Today, the Supreme Court decided the momentous Hamdan case. Minority Leader Pelosi promptly lauded and praised the decision as applying the rule of law, yay, even unto terrorists. Verily. And Diana Irey points out … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Untitled document I had to pick up my youngest boy from camp today, so I am way behind in my reading today. I just finally got to this op-ed by Peggy Noonan, and really wish I had read it sooner. … Continue reading

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Ready, Aim……

Untitled document Soldiers practicing for the Fourth of July celebrations at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas upset several neighbor by reportedly aiming their 75mm pack howitzer at their homes and firing blanks. The members of Fort Sam Houston's … Continue reading

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Is Hamas Blinking?

Untitled document Israeli warplanes struck at the Palestinian Interior Ministry office building in Gaza after midnight local time. The ground offensive has been temporarily halted. Meanwhile Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that Hamas has offered a conditional release of the … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day took me to Passionate America, A blog with three contributers. One of them, Skerdog, also noticed the impending silliness of Berkeley, California and it's planned … Continue reading

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Winged Warriors

Untitled document The animal uprising air force has been heard from yet again. This time they have unleashed a new and extremely foul weapon in their campaign against humans. They have made a courthouse in New Mexico uninhabitable. The foul … Continue reading

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Hamdan Blog Explosion

Untitled document I'm not a lawyer and have nothing particularly to add to the enormous burst of electrons flying about the blogospere right now. One opinion I read makes a lot of sense and I suspect it's a lot closer … Continue reading

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Untitled document The shuttle launch this weekend will provide an unusual opportunity to see the shuttle and the International Space Station flying in formation. (Provided the shuttle launches on time, of course). With liftoff of the Space Shuttle Discovery planned … Continue reading

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The French Are So Amusing

Untitled document The French have come out firmly and strongly against the arrest of Hamas members. What a great bunch of folks. French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy condemned the arrest of the Hamas officials, saying that diplomacy was the only … Continue reading

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Untitled document Researchers have wasted a bunch of time and money completed a study to prove conclusively that money doesn't buy happiness. Your next raise might buy you a more lavish vacation, a better car, or a few extra bedrooms, … Continue reading

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Americans Deserve Better

Untitled document Robert Cox has an op-ed in the Examiner that tears into Bill Keller's poor "explanation" of why the New York Times published the details of the money transfer monitoring program. This past Sunday, The Times’ executive editor published … Continue reading

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AP Slips Up

Untitled document I really don't know how this got past the editors at the AP. "Economy zips ahead at a 5.6 percent pace". It's almost like they couldn't figure out any fresh ways to spin this in a negative direction. … Continue reading

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VA Laptop Recovered

Untitled document The laptop computer stolen in a burglary that contained sensitive data identifying veterans and active service members has been recovered. WASHINGTON – The government has recovered the stolen laptop computer and hard drive containing sensitive data for up … Continue reading

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Dark Whisperings

Untitled document Romanian politicians are opening an inquiry in hopes of tracking down the villains who have done so much damage to that country in the past year. The darkest suspicions seem to be aimed at Russia although nobody will … Continue reading

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