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An Empty Pot Makes The Most Noise

When you were a child did you use Mom's pots and pans as impromptu drums? Did you sit on the kitchen floor and beat on those pots and pans with one of the wooden spoons Mom kept? I did, I … Continue reading

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A New Lease On Cut And Run

In a stunningly hypocritical move, 12 Democratic members of Congress have signed a letter demanding a troop withdrawal from Iraq. Even those who would not vote for such a measure when given the chance cheerily jumped on the political bandwagon … Continue reading

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From Maximum To Minimum

Close on the heels of the news of the surgery for the "Maximum Leader", Fidel Castro, comes this item. The "Minimum Leader" Kim Jong "Shorty" Il appears to be determined to not be forgotten. North Korean troops stationed along the DMZ … Continue reading

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Castro Dying?

The rumors that were flying a while back and the fawning stories in the Cuban media about Fidel Castro's brother may have been a sign that all is not well in dictator-land. It seems that Castro is going in for … Continue reading

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Ground Offensive?

Multiple reports from Israeli media that there is a sudden push by ground forces into Lebanon. Jerusalem Post reports a three-pronged offensive: The security cabinet approved early Tuesday morning expanded ground operations in Lebanon, while the IDF, under the assumption … Continue reading

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Qana – Hey, It Worked The First Time

EU Referendum has what is very likely the most damning collection of evidence ever collected on what is shaping up to be Hezbollywood's last production. They have been caught really badly on this one, if the world's press would bother … Continue reading

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Chavez Wants To “Finish Off The US Empire”

Visiting Iran, Hugo Chavez called for "the majority of the people of the world" to "Finish off the US Empire.  Iran awarded Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez its highest state medal on Sunday for supporting Tehran in its nuclear standoff with … Continue reading

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A Culture Of Victimology

Christopher Chantrill, writing in The American Thinker, asks how Seattle, the very ideal of tolerance, could be the site of the attack by a Pakistani-American Muslim on a Jewish charity. How could it happen?  In Seattle, of all places, a … Continue reading

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We Tried To Warn You

If Denmark had only listened to us here at Blue Crab Boulevard, this never would have happened. But they didn't pay attention to our timely post about the power-diving pigeons of perdition. And lo and behold, a fowl kamikaze went … Continue reading

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Penguins Deported From Rio

In a story sure to warm Black Hawk's heart (inside joke, sorry) a group of around 100 penguins who have been living it up in Rio de Janeiro are being deported back to Antarctica by the Brazilian military. The high … Continue reading

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It is not just me noticing the weirdness around what is going on with the media and Qana. Israeli Insider also dubs it 'Hezbollywood'. It was to be a perfect Hollywood ending for Hezbollah. Just as the Israeli bombing of … Continue reading

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A Grand Illusion

Welcome to the Grand illusion Come on in and see what's happening Pay the price, get your tickets for the show The stage is set, the band starts playing Suddenly your heart is pounding Wishing secretly you were a star. … Continue reading

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French Lose Grip On Reality

In a sign of either senility or insanity, or both, the French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy has announced that Iran is a "respected, stabilizing influence" in the Middle East. Iran is a significant, respected player in the Middle East which … Continue reading

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I Was Made To Love Magic

I was born to love no one No one to love me Only the wind in the long green grass The frost in a broken tree. I was made to love magic All its wonder to know But you all … Continue reading

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UNSC Demands Iran Cease Enrichment

The United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution demanding Iran cease all uranium enrichment activities. If Iran has not done so by August 31st, sanctions may be imposed. The council adopted a resolution demanding the suspension by a vote … Continue reading

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