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A Question

Untitled document The New York Times has a detailed article about the bombings in Bali. The document offers a rare glimpse into the minds of the most cunning terrorist plotters and of the kind of meticulous planning that lies behind … Continue reading

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The Stool Pigeons

Untitled document Oh man, did Roger Simon just spank hell out of the Times Two. This is a true thing of beauty. What fascinates me in all this is what a tin ear some of the major players in our … Continue reading

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Mexican Presidential Race Too Close To Call

Untitled document The Washington Post is reporting a virtual dead heat in the Mexican presidential election. This is based on exit polls, which I have almost zero faith in, anyway. Still it appears to be close. Two leading newspaper exit … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to Blonde Sagacity. ALa has a bit of fashion advice that the hippies I posted about earlier today might want to … Continue reading

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Gunday Evening

Untitled document I haven't done a Gunday in a really long time, so here's one for a really slow Sunday. Smith & Wesson SW40VE in .40S&W caliber. Tweet

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Israel To Step Up Efforts To Free Kidnapped Soldier

Untitled document Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has directed the IDF to step up actions to free the kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit. Coming just hours after an Israeli airstrike blasted offices of the Palestinian prime minister, Olmert's threat signaled the … Continue reading

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Shuttle Launch Scrubbed

Untitled document Weather concerns again forced a cancellation of the launch of the Discovery. There is another launch attempt scheduled for Tuesday. NASA decided to "stand down" Sunday in order to top off on-board supplies of liquid hydrogen, used as … Continue reading

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It’s Only Two Percent

Untitled document NZ Bear does the math and asks, "So, who's for paving over Georgia?" Fair question. The other thing is, of course, what do you do when the sun isn't shining? No more late night television. No Leno or … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman As A JFK Democrat?

Untitled document I just spotted this op-ed from the Hartford Courant by Marshall Wittmann and Steven J. Nider, both affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council. It makes a strong argument that someone like JFK, who was a "progressive" who also firmly … Continue reading

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A Tribute

Untitled document Alexandra von Maltzan from All Things Beautiful posts a moving tribute to her father on this, the 14th anniversary of his death. Tweet

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“All The Makings For A Bubble”

Untitled document Says one stockbroker about a rush to invest in "green" companies, particularly alternate energy suppliers. High oil prices, climate change and insecure supplies have sparked an explosion of companies seeking money to develop ways to ease the looming … Continue reading

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Downside Of Hamdan

Untitled document Mark Steyn points out what really should be obvious to any serious person at this point. The Geneva Conventions were never intended to be used in the way the US Supreme Court used them in the Hamdan decision. … Continue reading

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Illegal Yoga?

Untitled document A Yoga guru, dubbed "Yoga's Bad Boy" by the industry, has been charged with operating a studio without a permit and several fire code violations. Officials held a press conference to announce this. A press conference for code violations? … Continue reading

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Times Two Talk Tough

Untitled document Editor and Publisher notes that the New York Times is going on the offensive to defend it's decision to publish details of a secret program to track money. While both downplaying the significance of the program and trying … Continue reading

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Hippie Infestations!

Untitled document An annual Hippie gathering in the Routt National Forest in Colorado is again under pressure from Federal Forest Service officers as well as state police and county sheriff's deputies. The founder of the annual gathering of the group, … Continue reading

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