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Lieberman – Lamont Debate And The WaPo

Untitled document I'm (obviously to anyone who reads here with any frequency) not a real big fan of the way media covers a lot of stories these days. This Washington Post story about the Lieberman/Lamont debate is about the closest … Continue reading

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Untitled document One presumes Charles Krauthammer fully intended to leave a mark. He did. The unfixable part of the Hamdan ruling, however, is the court's reading of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. The Geneva Conventions, which were designed … Continue reading

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Possibly The Stupidest Move Ever

Untitled document It appears that the North Korean Government, led by their miniature whack job, may have been planning the absolutely dumbest piece of brinkmanship in history. They may have tried to launch their Taepodong-2 long-range missile toward Hawaii. If … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Liveblogging Lieberman – Lamont Debate

Untitled document Allahpundit did a live blog of the debate (I was tied up, sorry). It sounds like Lieberman did well despite the (obviously) pumped-by-the-left poll on MSNBC. Excerpt: Update: Lamont says he’s got grassroots support. Lieberman says the Democratic … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my seemingly endless journey to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me to The Uncooperative Blogger. Brian Bonner has a number of good posts up today, including one on a border operation I … Continue reading

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North Korea Continues Dancing On The Brink

Untitled document For a while last winter, I had some hopes that Kim Jong Il might actually be thinking abut cooling things off and really negotiating. Then the nonstop shows of political disarray here in the US and the fundamental … Continue reading

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Them Angry

Untitled document Ann Althouse linked to something over at Firedoglake which is pretty astonishing. Apparently they have a new nickname for Joe Lieberman. Rape Gurney Joe. (You really, really need to read all of Althouse's post to get the full … Continue reading

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Dishonor Update

Untitled document The Army has brought formal charges against lieutenant Ehren Watada, the dishonorable, and dishonored,  soldier who refused orders to deploy with his unit to Iraq. The charges are missing movement, contempt toward officials and conduct unbecoming an officer. … Continue reading

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When The Chips Are Down

Untitled document Nothing like a casino shutdown to focus the minds of a group of recalcitrant politicians. New Jersey has reached a budget compromise. Thousands of gamblers irate over the forced casino closings can stop sharpening pitchforks and go back … Continue reading

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China At A Crossroads

Untitled document China is refusing to use it's leverage with North Korea to make the rogue regime back down. Virtually all aid to North Korea flows from China, but they say they will not use aid as a weapon. For … Continue reading

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Israeli Forces Take Swath Of Gaza

Untitled document Aiming to provide a buffer zone to prevent Palestinian rockets from landing in Israel, IDF elements have occupied an area of Northern Gaza. A large contingent of IDF infantry and armor units moved into the ruins of three … Continue reading

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Can Do!

Untitled document In an effort to stay a head of a cash crisis and to keep the streetlights on, an Ohio town has come up with plan. No Johnny-come-lately to creative fund raising, the town has found a way to … Continue reading

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New York Judges Reject Judicial Activism

Untitled document The New York Court of Appeals has rejected arguments that the New York State constitution should provide a right to gay marriage saying that the constitution, "does not compel recognition of marriages between members of the same sex." … Continue reading

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Boston Globe Notices TNR/Kos Cage Match

Untitled document Is it, as the Boston Globe puts it, a battle for political clout? Is it the end of the innocence for the blogosphere? Is it old media dissing the idea of new media? Or it is just pure … Continue reading

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