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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document today, my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to The PC Free Zone Gazette aka Theodore's World. Wild Thing has a great title for a post about today's terror busts. I … Continue reading

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And Speaking Of Threats

Untitled document The other surviving member of the Axis of Evil, North Korea and it's deranged dwarf of a leader are now threatening violence as well. SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea threatened on Friday to take "stronger physical actions" after … Continue reading

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More Iranian Threats

Untitled document The Iranian psychotic president is making threats against Israel and the West unless Israel stops the incursion into Gaza.  Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Friday that continued Israeli strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip could … Continue reading

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Apparently, They Can

Untitled document An Australian women who was dubbed the "Catch me if you can thief" because of her frequent taunts to police detectives found out they could. Oops. Jodie Harris, 28, wanted in three states over a string of audacious … Continue reading

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The Cindy Sheehan Hunger Strike Diaries

Untitled document Courtesy of my good blog buddy, Pat, aka The Brainster. Okay, now I can do this. Yeah, it's been 48 hours and I've only had lemon water, but I can do this. Susan surprised me this morning, by … Continue reading

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New Technology Alert!

Untitled document American ingenuity just keeps going and going. First, Dell brought out their latest creation, the exploding laptop. Not content to concede defeat, Lexar announces it's latest innovation, the flaming zip drive! Ok, we've had our fun, this is … Continue reading

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E&P: Almost 2/3 Of Our Content Is Slanted

Untitled document Editor & Publisher shows it's distinct bias once again by skewing the presentation of a Gallup poll rather badly. Their headline: "Gallup: Almost two-thirds want Iraq withdrawal". While the words are factual, one would be hard pressed to … Continue reading

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It’s Official

Untitled document The New York Times is reporting that election officials in Mexico have certified Felipe Calderón as the winner of the presidential election. Unfortunately, his opponent appears to have read the Algore playbook. MEXICO CITY, July 6 — After … Continue reading

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A City Here, A City There

Untitled document Pretty soon you're talking real employment. The AP after actually saying a few positive things about the economy last month (which, frankly stunned us) is back to it's usual reporting. WASHINGTON – Employers boosted payrolls by a tepid … Continue reading

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Speaking Of Hate Groups

Untitled document Frankly, it is frightening what some people think is permissible speech these days. Jeff Goldstein draws more than his share of nearly psychotic ranters, but this is so over the top, I frankly don't know what I would … Continue reading

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Marauding Macaw

Untitled document Animal uprising update! People in Britain are strongly advised to be on the lookout for Mickey, a marauding macaw currently on the loose terrorizing the countryside. Mickey was supposedly "stolen" from a pet shop. We believe he had a … Continue reading

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Get Me To The Church(yard) On Time

Untitled document I'm getting buried in the morning! Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime. Put down the pedal! Right to the metal! But get me to the church(yard) on time! Apologies to My Fair Lady, but it was kind … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Iraqi Forces Learning

Untitled document There have been several major successes in Iraq in the last few days where Iraqi forces accomplished arrests of terrorist leaders with only small amounts of US assistance. BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi forces backed by U.S. aircraft battled … Continue reading

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Terror Plot Disrupted

Untitled document Foreign terrorists were planning to attack tunnels in New York City, officials report. Intelligence gathered in part from the internet helped identify the plot in time to break it up. WASHINGTON – Authorities have disrupted planning by foreign … Continue reading

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