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Yeah, Right

Untitled document Nope. No stunt here. Nothing to see. Move along. A husband and wife from Overland Park, Kansas are both running for the same seat in the Kansas legislature. She's running as a Democrat, he's running as a Republican. … Continue reading

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Foul French?

Untitled document Normally, I would be as likely to post something about soccer (or football as the less enlightened who don't understand real football call it) as I would be to post about watching paint dry. Since soccer is roughly … Continue reading

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It Just Goes On And On

Untitled document Bill at InDC Journal  reports yet another DDOS is hitting Protein Wisdom. I was able to pull it up just now, but no telling for how long. Bill has a few of the lovely comments some of the … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to Violet, yet another new blog to me. Violet has been following the Protein Wisdom cyber-stalker story pretty closely these past few … Continue reading

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Abbas Sends Envoys To Hamas Leader

Untitled document Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has dispatched two envoys to Syria to talk with Khaled Meshal, the exiled leader of Hamas according to Ha'aretz. The envoys were reportedly sent to discuss the crisis with Israel in the Gaza Strip. The … Continue reading

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Manly Men

Untitled document Sister Toldjah is taking issue with Hollyweird actor Ethan Hawke and his appeal to change the image of manliness. She is soliciting links and/or pictures of manly men of the "old school" which she prefers. This fits, I … Continue reading

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Straining The Center

Untitled document Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice has a long, thoughtful analysis on what's happening to Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary. IS THERE A PURGE? Some suggest this is part of a purge, and there does seem to … Continue reading

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Dirty Water

Untitled document I'm gonna tell you a story I'm gonna tell you about my town I'm gonna tell you a big bad story, baby Aww, it's all about my town Yeah, down by the river Down by the banks of … Continue reading

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Discount Voters

Untitled document What if you heard that someone in government was compiling a huge database containing personal information? What if you then heard that they were offering to sell that data to all comers? And sell it at a discount … Continue reading

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UN Blame Game

Untitled document Tammy Bruce has a post up about the latest from the UN. It's all Israel's fault. Yeesh. The UN, after having said nothing as severe when Palestinian government terrorists dug a tunnel under the wall, attacked Israeli soldiers, … Continue reading

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Love Among The Vegetables

Untitled document In a heartwarming story out of Louisiana, we here the tale of love in a vegetable garden. Love between the plants, that is. The gardeners planted cucumbers in one row and cantaloupes in another. The two plants met, … Continue reading

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Protein Wisdom Back Online

Untitled document Jeff Goldstein is back online. Welcome back, Jeff. Do I get pie, too? Tweet

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Untitled document I saw this item quite late last night and just didn't have the energy to post about it. The Washington Post reports that Andrés Manuel López Obrador is charging that the election was rigged and that he will … Continue reading

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This Is Not Political Discourse

Untitled document Or acceptable by any reasonable standard. The targeting of children to advance your particular political agenda is not free speech. It is not your first amendment right. It is terrorism and should be treated as such by the … Continue reading

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Economic Incentive

Untitled document A few more details are coming out about the nuclear deal Bush is going to pursue with Russia that I posted about yesterday. It sounds as if it is a quid pro quo for getting cooperation from Russia over … Continue reading

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