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Untitled document Today, my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to Violet, yet another new blog to me. Violet has been following the Protein Wisdom cyber-stalker story pretty closely these past few days. I hope your daughter's leg heals well and quickly, Violet.

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3 Responses to 101st Blog Of The Day

  1. violet says:

    Thanks! She’ll be fine.

    I read protein wisdom on a regular basis, as I love Jeff Goldstein’s writing, and I found Deb Frisch’s comments to be repugnant and disturbing. I also can’t look away from her public impolsion. It’s like the Jerry Springer show, only without the midgets. (Maybe there are midgets, one can never rule anything out.)

    That’s a good idea, going through one Keebees blog a day. I’m glad you caught mine when I wasn’t posting about random inanimate objects in my house, shopping or South Park.

  2. Gaius says:

    I dunno, posting about random inanimate objects is starting to look good given the insanity going on right now!

    I’m glad she’ll be ok. That is pretty much the only thing I never had to deal with as my kids grew up!

  3. violet says:

    This Goldstein business is completely psychotic, isn’t it? I’m hoping it’s over with. I saw that Crazy Deb visited my site too, but probably decided I was too insignificant to stalk. Thank God for small miracles.

    As for the kid, I’d rather deal with broken bones than anything more permanent. Been there, hate it, and would rather deal with casts and antsy kids.

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