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Untitled document It appears that my hosting company may be coming under another DDOS attack. I rather doubt I am the focus but there has been an appalling barrage of comment spam. The last time this happened, it became very … Continue reading

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It’s Kind Of Ironic

Untitled document It's one of those trite little phrases that everyone knows and uses all the time. A hoary, old phrase that, while over-used to the point of tears, still has a ring of truth that makes it indispensable to … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Washington Post has an article about Hillary Clinton that doesn't exactly communicate enthusiasm for a presidential run. "I think she's a little hard," she said. "She may be strong, but at the same time, if you're driven … Continue reading

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Human Shields

Untitled document One thing I have always found to be personally offensive is the taking of hostages. To me, it is a mark of a coward, or of a barbarian. The use of other people as human shields should be, … Continue reading

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Sausages In Space!

Untitled document A converted Cold War era Russian ballistic missile launched an experimental inflatable spacecraft into space today. The craft is a test of a number of technologies that it's backers hope will one day be a commercial space station. … Continue reading

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Twenty Seconds Equals

Untitled document Twenty seconds equals millions of words of newsprint. Twenty seconds equals millions of hours arguing. Twenty seconds equals gazillions of bytes of data on blogs. Twenty seconds equals thousands of pounds of stomach lining eaten by excess acid. Twenty … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day took me over to Blogger Beer. Marcus Aurelius has an interesting observation: how many uninjured Palestinian children need to be rushed to the hospital … Continue reading

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Attention North Dakota!

Untitled document Get your children inside! Warn everybody you know! There is a fearsome creature on the loose near Bismark. A Krazed Killer Kangaroo is on the loose! Well, ok, we don't know for sure he's a killer, but we … Continue reading

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Israel Striking Deeply Inside Lebanon

Untitled document Israeli forces have attacked a number of targets deep within Lebanon including a Palestinian base just South of Beirut. Israeli civilians in the North have been ordered into bomb shelters. In a series of air strikes late Wednesday … Continue reading

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Kos Krash?

Untitled document Noel Sheppard has an interesting article up over at Real Clear Politics about all the negative attention Kos has been getting recently. He also examines signs of internal dissent. As reported here on June 30, revelations about Kos's … Continue reading

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Untitled document Sometimes, all the bad news of the day needs a bit of a break. That's one reason I try to put up at least a few humorous items each day. Also items about things that are a bit … Continue reading

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Absolutely Disgusting

Untitled document RedState has a video from the DCCC that is absolutely obscene. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a new fundraising pitch going out. It uses September 11th and our troops to raise money. But, instead of using those … Continue reading

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Permanent Members Vote To Send Iran To Security Council

Untitled document Russia and China have stopped their blocking tactics and have voted with the other permanent UN Security Council members to refer Iran to the full UNSC. The United States and other permanent members of the powerful U.N. body … Continue reading

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Two Front War Opens

Untitled document Israel is calling up reserves, this is becoming a very bad situation very quickly. Seven Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed and two others were abducted Wednesday in attacks by guerillas from the militant Hezbollah organization. Hezbollah leader … Continue reading

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Brainster Comes Through

Untitled document It's been kind of busy, so I missed these as they went up, but Brainster has come through and made the Cindy Sheehan fast diaries a regular item! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 There are … Continue reading

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