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History Itself

Untitled document Richard Cohen argues that Israel is a mistake and should behave that way and hunker down and let the terrorists keep hitting it. The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself … Continue reading

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RIP, Mike Hammer

Untitled document He stood with his back angled to the wall. To an indifferent observer he was simply in idle conversation, but it wasn't like that at all. This was an instinctive gesture of survival, being in constant readiness for … Continue reading

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G-8 Condemn Mumbai Bombers And Terror Sponsors

Untitled document The G-8 as well as representatives from Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa, and the African Union banded together and strongly condemned both the people who committed the Mumbai bombings and their sponsors. The move came at the request … Continue reading

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Fed Up?

Untitled document Khaled Abu Toameh writes in the Jerusalem Post that Arabs are fed up with Hezbollah. It may well be he's right. There has not been a lot of uproar over Israel attacking Hezbollah. (Except from the ever reliable … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document You know, it's a really crazy world these days. My ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day has led me to a lot of interesting blogs. But I have to go halfway around … Continue reading

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Hezbollah Continues Rocket Attacks

Untitled document Ha'aretz is reporting that more than 50 rockets have struck Israel on Monday. IDF has intercepted and driven off an attempt by Hezbollah to infiltrate through the Northern border. They have also destroyed at least one long-range, Iranian-made … Continue reading

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Untitled document Charlie, one of the folks who blog at OpFor has been called to active duty. He will blog as often as he can once he's reached his detination. Please wish him well over in the OpFor comments. All … Continue reading

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Boston Roulette Update

Untitled document Investigators looking into the collapse of ceiling panels in a Boston "Big Dig" tunnel have discovered documents that indicate there was a major disagreement over the design of the section of tunnel. It seems that there were questions … Continue reading

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Untitled document Johnny Cash, despite being dead for almost three years now, has the number one record on both the Pop and Country charts. Pretty darn impressive, I'd say. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – In life, Johnny Cash was merely a … Continue reading

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Sadism Update

Untitled document The truly evil local council in Rockdale, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, have succeeded in their nefarious plot. We first reported on the sadistic behavior of the council here. There evil machinations have indeed resulted in car enthusiasts … Continue reading

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And This Time Bring Home Some Decent Loot!

Untitled document The Danes began their long-anticipated invasion of Norway today, sending a Viking boat in to land at Oslo. The 61 member crew will commence pillaging any moment now. Well, ok, that was an exaggeration. What actually happened is … Continue reading

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A Decade Past

Untitled document Ten years ago today, TWA flight 800 left JFK Airport in New York City bound for Paris. At around 8:45 PM the Boeing 747 exploded off the coast of Long Island, not far from East Hampton. A decade … Continue reading

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Israeli Offers Ceasefire Terms

Untitled document Israel has made clear what it's demands are. Hezbollah to withdraw from Southern Lebanon, the kidnapped soldiers freed and Lebanon to control it's own Southern border. Israel would agree to a cease-fire in its six-day-old offensive against Hezbollah … Continue reading

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Another Tsunami Hits Java

Untitled document A powerful earthquake sent a six foot high wall of water crashing into the island of Java. At least 47 people are dead. JAKARTA, Indonesia – A powerful earthquake sent a 6-foot-high tsunami crashing into beach resorts on … Continue reading

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