101st Blog Of The Day

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You know, it's a really crazy world these days. My ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day has led me to a lot of interesting blogs. But I have to go halfway around the world to get news from my old home town. Is that weird or what?

Today, I visited the Finest Kind Clinic and Fish Market, presided over by Nancy Reyes. Among a lot of interesting takes on things, I find Nancy blogging about Father Heindl, a highly decorated chaplain who served in the second World War. Father Heindl has passed away, but I have to go to a blogger from the Philippines to get news about Rochester, New York. What a funny world it is. Anyway, stop by Nancy's place and read about Father Heindl and his life. He was a true inspiration. (By the way, for some reason his name and face are really familiar, but I can't place him. I'm not Catholic, so I doubt I ever met him in a church, but I'm wondering if I met him when I was doing a lot of retirement party photography for guys who had served in the war.)

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