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And The Opposite Solution

Untitled document Diametrically opposite take from Harold Meyerson's "solution" as described in my last post, is Charles Krauthammer's take. His idea? Israel must conquer Southern Lebanon, take it back from Hezbollah, then give it back to the Lebanese government, cleansed of … Continue reading

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International Army?

Untitled document It would appear that Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post is calling for the UN to possess an army of it's own. His concluding paragraph would so indicate: Real border security is going to require the kind of … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Israel Sending Ground Troops Into Lebanon

Untitled document CNN is reporting Israeli troops are entering Lebanon, story is here. Video is here. BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) — Israeli ground troops have entered southern Lebanon on a mission to destroy outposts of the militant group Hezbollah, an Israel Defense Forces … Continue reading

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The Right To Keep And Bear Applesauce

Untitled document Apparently, a little known codicil of the second amendment to the US Constitution that allows citizens to keep and bear applesauce. PHILADELPHIA – A customer at a city grocery tackled an armed robber and beat him with a can … Continue reading

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Patterico Hits It!

Untitled document The perfect solution to everything! The perfect answer! Preemptive condemnation! I hereby join Patterico on the "I condemn it all" bandwagon! Now when I'm asked, nay, ordered to condemn something I can merely point to this post and … Continue reading

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About Civilian Casualties

Untitled document Anyone on the left care to step up and damn this particular war crime? As in forcing people to be human shields? As in here's where the civilian casualties are coming from. The IDF has found that Hizbullah … Continue reading

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How Very Serious

Untitled document You know, yesterday, it was "Bush used a bad word". Today it's "Bush groped Angela Merkel". Greg Tinti has the video at Outside the Beltway. Said "groping' lasts under a second in real time, involves hands on shoulders and … Continue reading

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More Stirring Of The Pot?

Untitled document Word from Turkey right now is not encouraging. The Turkish government is sending signals that it may act against Kurdish guerrillas operating out of Northern Iraq. While the possibility exists that this is saber-rattling for domestic consumption, it … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document For the benefit of my new visitors from Powerline, I'll fill you in on my ongoing project. I set out more than two months ago to visit one member of the Fighting 101st Keyboard Brigade each day. It … Continue reading

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Iranian Hezbollah Threatens US

Untitled document The Iranian Hezbollah group has openly threatened the United States and Israel with attacks. The Mullahs try to pretend the group does not speak officially. TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran's Hizbollah, which claims links to the Lebanese group of … Continue reading

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Big Dig – Problems Mount

Untitled document Following up on previous posts about the Big Dig and all the problems inspectors are finding, there is news that engineers are trying out a fix to some of the problems. It seems that the existing system is … Continue reading

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The Myth Of Containment

Untitled document Hugh Hewitt has a post up asking when the Senate is going to start having a real debate about our policy toward Iran and Syria. Starting from a column by George Will, Hewitt points out why certain policies … Continue reading

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Rocketing Continues In Israel

Untitled document Hezbollah has continued to launch rockets at civilians in Israel. More than 80 rockets have struck cities and town across Northern Israel today. A 30-year-old resident of Nahariya was killed on Tuesday afternoon as Hezbollah guerillas launched a … Continue reading

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En Garde!

Untitled document Ah, the French, always amusing. A French magistrate has been placed in a psychiatric hospital after going on a drunken rampage with a great big sword. One police officer was injured in the mêlée. Police were called to … Continue reading

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US Civilians To Be Evacuated

Untitled document Although the mainstream media is saying that civilians in Lebanon are not being told what plans are, the fact is that US Central Command has news up on their website which includes information on contacting the US State Department. … Continue reading

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