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For the benefit of my new visitors from Powerline, I'll fill you in on my ongoing project. I set out more than two months ago to visit one member of the Fighting 101st Keyboard Brigade each day. It is a way to ensure I visit some new territory each day, while hopefully giving some mutual publicity. It's sort of like what Powerline did with me this week, but on a much smaller scale*.

So today I visited Vita ab Alto. The proprietor, one Monk, has a story out of his adopted home state of Alabama that is truly creepy. Giant yellowjacket nests! And they are – you have got to see the picture! Now, I'm highly allergic to wasps, so if I saw one of these things around my neck of the woods, I'd be over the horizon in a very short time indeed.

* Until Powerline linked me, this blog never saw traffic like it has today. In fact, my hitcounter is sitting over in the corner with it's little digital arms over it's ears whimpering. But don't worry, he'll be fine. I hope folks are enjoying the site.

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