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The Rockets Don’t Care

Untitled document The rockets don't care. Someone points them, they have no guidance systems. No high tech way to guide to where they land. The rockets don't care. They fire when someone pushes the button and they fly in their … Continue reading

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Voinovich Backs Bolton

Untitled document In a surprise turnaround, George V. Voinovich is backing John Bolton for regular confirmation (as opposed to his existing recess appointment). Voinovich, Senator from Ohio, opposed Bolton originally. Now he's calling for Democrats to back a nomination as … Continue reading

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Well, Duh.

Untitled document I think I need a new department. The department of dumb headlines. From the AP: Farmers use bull semen to inseminate cows One presumes this is a revelation to the headline writer who likely thought poultry was involved … Continue reading

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Sun Smoke

Untitled document Tweet

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Coming Home

Untitled document The remains of the 9-man crew of a bomber that disappeared in World War Two have been identified. The Plane disappeared after making a bombing run on Japanese ships in the Bismarck Sea. The crash site was located … Continue reading

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Israel Bombs Bunker

Untitled document Israeli warplanes dropped 23 tons of bombs on a bunker believed to house a number of Hezbollah leaders (Nasrallah may have been one of the occupants). The bunker was located in Southern Beirut. Hezbollah quickly denied anyone was … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, my ongoing mission to visit one member of the Fighting 101st each day led me over to the Northern Alliance Wannabe. Dan S. has a news story about a man assaulting a car with a pigeon. Honest. Oh, by … Continue reading

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As I Suspected

Untitled document American officials in Lebabnon are confirming what I have suspected for a while now. The delay in evacuating American nationals from Lebanon stemmed from security concerns. There were fears that Hezbollah might attempt attacks on Americans moving to … Continue reading

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Lebanese PM Demands Compensation

Untitled document The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Fouad Siniora, demanded Israel pay compensation for the "unimaginable losses" to Lebanon's infrastructure. BEIRUT – Lebanon's prime minister called for an immediate cease-fire with Israel on Wednesday, a week after start of fighting … Continue reading

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Untitled document Alexandra von Maltzan credited the inspiration for this post of hers over at All Things Beautiful as a comment thread here in the Crabitat. Wow. I don't think I've ever been considered an inspiration before! …The 'Arab Lawyer’s … Continue reading

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Untitled document I've asked if, this time, Iran had finally overplayed it's hand with it's machinations against Israel and the West. Youssef Ibrahim, a former Middle East correspondent for The New York Times and energy editor for The Wall Street … Continue reading

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Definition Of Insanity

Untitled document The saying goes that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is a definition of insanity. Writing in USA Today, Dennis Ross seems to be suggesting doing it all again. As someone who … Continue reading

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McKinney In Runoff

Untitled document Cynthia McKinney, fresh off her victory in her bout with the Capitol Police, was not able to score a knockout in her primary against challenger Hank Johnson. A runoff will be held on August 8th. The vote was incredibly … Continue reading

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Car Trouble? Just Play Dead.

Untitled document An Australian man, apparently trying to enter the running for the Darwin Awards, decided to try a new and novel way to get some help when his car broke down. He laid down in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Killer Kangaroos

Untitled document Just to prove our earlier post warning of the danger posed by an escaped kangaroo in Ireland wasn't just irrational hysteria or the medication talking, we present the following proof. The kangaroos have gathered together and come up with a … Continue reading

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