Side Effects

Untitled document The Anchoress has a post up about some side effects that have occurred in patients who have received embryonic stem cell implants that proponents have failed to mention. It is not pretty. It seems the media forgets to cover little nightmares like these when they are hyping an issue. You might want to keep information like this in mind when you start hearing the distortions.

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One Response to Side Effects

  1. crosspatch says:

    The entire bruhaha is bogus. A decade ago, federal grants were vital in funding new research in medicine and biotech. There were few other sources of funding. These days biotech is a major industry with venture capital firms pumping literally billions of dollars to fund research and development. It is expected to be a 10 billion dollar industry in less than 5 years. A few million in federal research grants are not going to have a major impact in that particular field.

    Michael J. Fox isn’t being honest when he attempts to portray the veto of this bill as some kind of prevention of research. Research may continue and there are no restrictions whatsoever on embryonic stem cell research. The only thing this does is say that federal tax dollars can’t fund it except on certain lines of pre-existing stem cells that were grandfathered under previous legislation.

    This is not about medicine, this is not about saving anyone from an illness. It is only about posing. It is a chance to position one’s self as being on one side of the rhetoric or another. When all is said and done, the passage or veto of this legislation will have an impact approaching zero on research in this area.

    It is invented news that sells advertizing and makes legislators appear to be “doing something” to earn their pay when all they are really doing is adding more hot air to an already sweltering DC.

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