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Silent Speed

Untitled document A car that can go zero to sixty in four seconds and tops out at 135mph. Oh, and it is virtually silent when it does so. Welcome to the brave new world of electric cars. This is not … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Time?

Untitled document The Washington Post has an article that focuses on the Vice-President of Nigeria and his potential involvement in the William Jefferson corruption case. Nigeria has a very big reputation for corruption among it's elected officials but I frankly … Continue reading

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61 Lawmakers Call For Instructors Dismissal

Untitled document 52 Wisconsin state legislators and 9 state senators have signed a letter demanding that the University of Wisconsin – Madison fire the 9/11 conspiracy believing instructor, Kevin Barrett. The adjunct instructor believes the US government conducted the events … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day took me to Point Five. They have determined through exhaustive research that everything in the entire blogosphere traces back to a single IP. Glenn Greenwald … Continue reading

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Genesis-1 Update

Untitled document The space sausage/watermelon appears to still be functioning well and Space.com interviewed a few people who know a lot about space in general about the business venture. SPACE.com asked prominent leaders in various space fields to appraise Bigelow's … Continue reading

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India’s Most Wanted

Untitled document One of India's most wanted terrorists was arrested in Kenya. NEW DELHI: Abdul Karim Tunda, one of India's top terrorists, was arrested on Friday by the Kenyan police in the port city of Mombassa on the basis of an Interpol … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Australian reports the death of a monster. Evil does walk this earth, and it is not who the usual suspects blame. Khmer Rouge leader Ta Mok has died before the UN backed war crimes tribunal could get … Continue reading

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Scout, It’s What’s For Dinner

Untitled document Or that appears to be what a black bear thought anyway. A Boy Scout sleeping in a tent at a Utah camp woke up to find a bear grazing. Unfortunately, the bear was grazing on the Scout's upper … Continue reading

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A Lost Manuscript Found

Untitled document A rare manuscript fragment written by none other than Doctor Watson has been discovered. Here, published for the first time is that manuscript. Remember, you saw it at Blue Crab Boulevard first! A Case of Multiple Identities "My … Continue reading

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Countering The Netroots

Untitled document The New York Sun has an article about the upcoming meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in Denver. One of the topics of the meeting appears to be the subject of the netroots and how to counter … Continue reading

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Untitled document I can't reach the mu.nu blogs (Confederate Yankee and Ace of Spades among others) at the moment. Anyone know if there is yet another DDOS going on? Tweet

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The Tale Of The Giant R Of Greencastle

Untitled document "To the man who loves R for its own sake," remarked Sherlock Holmes, tossing aside the advertisement sheet of the Daily Telegraph, "it is frequently in its least important and lowliest manifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be … Continue reading

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Those Who Cannot Remember The Past

Untitled document Are condemned to repeat it. So said George Santayana. And those who never learn history will repeat history over and over until the end of time. Thomas Sowell describes the terrible history of "peace" movements that inevitably cause … Continue reading

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Good Company

Untitled document I have a (banned) commenter who likes to accuse me of a number of things, among other things, he enjoys telling me that I am shallow and biased. The most recent occasion for pulling out the ad hominems is the … Continue reading

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Oil From Plankton?

Untitled document A Spanish firm claims to have developed a process that can grow plankton in a laboratory, then convert the marine plants into crude oil. The resulting compound has not been subjected to refining yet, so the scientists are … Continue reading

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