Israel Continues To Try To Minimize Casualties

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Unlike Hezbollah, Israel continues to try to minimize civilian casualties. They have issued warnings to a number of towns that military operations will be expanded to those areas. They have told civilians to get out. Hezbollah is required under the Geneva Conventions to do their part to minimize casualties among the civilian populace.

The IDF indicated Saturday evening that it intends to expand operations in Southern Lebanon in its call to 13 villages in Southern Lebanon to relocate north of the Litani by the same evening. As of now, tens of thousands of Southern Lebanon residents have already left the area. The IDF plan to 'clean' the area of terror nests, using both ground and air offensives.

Many IDF forces stationed in northern Israel are preparing for operations in Southern Lebanon. Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, IDF Chief of General Staff, in his statement that, "a plane cannot raise a flag on a hill," implied that the IDF is planning an operation that can only be undertaken by ground forces.

The IDF has already begun to operate in several villages, including Maroun al-Ras, drawing heavy fire from terrorists. Saturday morning, an IDF infantry unit exposed a weapons cache in Marwaheen, containing anti-tank missiles and a machine gun with many bullets.

The 13 villages being asked to relocate are: Aitrun, Atiri, Barashit, Beit Yahoun,Bint Jubayl, Bleida, Einata, Hadatiya, Hirbat Salim, Kontin, Kharsat a-Talab, Majal Salim, Shakra, and Yarun. In messages relayed to residents of these towns, via both Arabic news agencies and local sources, the residents were informed that anyone not following the instructions to relocate to the north is endangering his life and the life of his family. The message also stated that Hizbullah tends to use civilians as 'human shields'.

IDF sources told ynet that different forces will operate in these towns in order to uncover Hizbullah infrastructure. "There will be areas where we will encounter terrorists, there will be fighting, but we are steadfast in our mission to uproot from this region terrorist activity that threatens the state of Israel," they said.

That Israel is being held to a different standard than Hezbollah is an indication of how biased the left really is. At this point any civilians left in the combat zone are either there willingly or are being held there as human shields by Hezbollah.

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