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Brutal Truth

Untitled document Mark Steyn on the situation in Lebanon. A few years back, when folks talked airily about "the Middle East peace process" and "a two-state solution," I used to say that the trouble was the Palestinians saw a two-state … Continue reading

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Feeling The Pinch?

Untitled document Via Commenter (and blogger) Crosspatch, this article from the Jerusalem Post indicates that there may be a little problem in Hezbollah's terrorist paradise. Hizbullah is organized along military lines, with regional commands in southern, northern and central Lebanon. The … Continue reading

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Another Sherlock Holmes Manuscript Found!

Wow, I have to tell you, Blue Crab Boulevard is absolutely the luckiest site ever! We found yet another lost fragment of a manuscript written by Dr. Watson his very own self! It details yet another Sherlock Holmes mystery , … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Untitled document My youngest boy was watching a show on TLC which reported on abnormally tall and abnormally short people. He was fascinated with it and was telling me about it excitedly after it ended. I mentioned General Tom Thumb, … Continue reading

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Arab Governments Pressing Syria?

Untitled document The Associated Press headline for this article says that Arab governments are pressing Syria to drop support for Hezbollah. The governments involved are not identified. If true, this could be a significant development, indeed. SIDON, Lebanon – Mideast … Continue reading

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We Note, With Our Regrets

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard wish to note, with our deepest regrets, the passing of some of the former staples of English cuisine. A recent survey shows that the younger generation of Britons have never even heard … Continue reading

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A Lose-Lose Proposition

Untitled document Alan Dershowitz, writing in the Jerusalem Post points out the obvious. The terrorists not only welcome civilian casualties, but they promote them. They also count on the international community, the media and human rights organizations to condemn Israel … Continue reading

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There Are Sock Puppets

Untitled document And then there are sock puppets. I'm still fond of Sherlock Holmes, though. UPDATE: And then there's video. Tweet

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India’s Most Wanted – Whoops

Untitled document The man arrested in Kenya last week was not the man the Indian authorities thought it was. The man turned out to be a West African and he was turned over to the Americans (wouldn't you love to … Continue reading

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Expect More False Accusations!

Untitled document In news sure to cause Frenchmen to hurl their Roquefort in dismay, an American has won the Tour de France. PARIS – Floyd Landis won the Tour de France on Sunday, keeping cycling's most prestigious title in American … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory

Untitled document Writing in the New York Times, Stanley Fish addresses the Kevin Barrett issue at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Mr. Barrett, who has a one-semester contract to teach a course titled “Islam: Religion and Culture,” acknowledged on … Continue reading

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The Party Of Ambition

Untitled document I've had a number of commenters on here who have blamed Hezbollah's rise on Israel. Here's an article from the Times of London that explains what is and has been the driving factor behind Hezbollah. Iran's regional ambitions. … Continue reading

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The Next Order Of (Monkey) Business

Untitled document In which the proprietor of the Humble Crabitat acquires a new title. My only question is, do I get vestments? Tweet

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Lie Down With Dogs

Untitled document Get up with fleas as the old saying goes. The ACLU is suing the state of Missouri on behalf of the Westboro cult. They contend that a ban on picketing at funerals passed by Missouri lawmakers is unconstitutional … Continue reading

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