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Hamas Willing To Fold?

Untitled document Looks like it. All groups in Gaza, including Hamas, would now accept a cease-fire deal with Israel which would include releasing Gilad Shalit, according to the Palestinian Agriculture Minister, who also heads the coordinating committee of Palestinian organizations … Continue reading

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Jeet? Nodju?

Untitled document Years ago, I had a mathematics professor who was a truly great teacher He made math interesting. I think that almost everyone who came out of his classes went on to complete their course work. He just had … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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When Bill Comes To Town

Untitled document Bill Clinton, the Democrat's heavy artillery, went to Connecticut tonight to campaign for Joe Lieberman.  To a packed audience, Clinton enthusiastically endorsed Lieberman and damned with faint praise his challenger, Ned Lamont. WATERBURY, Conn. – Bill Clinton, campaigning … Continue reading

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Maybe Now (Some) Will Get It

Untitled document Ralph Bennett, writing in TCS Daily wonders if maybe, just maybe, people will get it this time. The terrorists like Hezbollah hide behind women and children. They welcome the death of these innocents. It is all just information … Continue reading

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This Is Huge!

Untitled document Never – not ever – would I have believed this coming from a UN official: But a day after criticizing Israel for "disproportionate" strikes against civilians, U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland accused Hezbollah of "cowardly blending" among Lebanese … Continue reading

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Where Does The Left Stand?

Untitled document Asks David Adesnik at OxBlog. More than any other blogger I know, Kevin explores numerous issues precisely because they are complex. So it doesn't sound very plausbile for him to say that this issue is just too complex. … Continue reading

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Hoose, Morse Or Hoax?

Untitled document A Canadian man claims one of his mares gave birth to an odd colt. He believes the mare mated with a moose. The colt has longer than normal legs and a head very like a moose. Experts will … Continue reading

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A Letter From Israel

Untitled document Shrinkwrapped has an email that was sent from Israel by a friend of his oldest son. Life under the Hezbollah blitz is not at all pleasant. Well folks I don't know what story the media is telling in … Continue reading

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Clinton Stumping For Lieberman

Untitled document Former President Bill Clinton will be appearing tonight to stump for Joe Lieberman. The Hartford Courant is reporting that Clinton is expected to call for party unity and calling on the faithful to focus on defeating Republicans rather … Continue reading

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AP Reports Heavy Ground Fighting

Untitled document Well, it seems that there is a ground offensive going on into Lebanon after all. The AP doesn't report very much detail on it, though. SIDON, Lebanon – Israeli ground forces pushed deeper into Lebanon on Monday in … Continue reading

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Rocket Barrages Continue

Untitled document 81 rockets were fired into Israel on Monday, injuring 50 people. The number of rockets does not appear to be slackening significantly. Hizbullah continued its massive fire of rockets at northern communities Monday afternoon. Barrages were fired at … Continue reading

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I Disagree With You – So You Must Die

Untitled document Which is essentially what Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams told children. She dislikes George Bush and would love to kill him. NOBEL peace laureate Betty Williams displayed a flash of her feisty Irish spirit yesterday, lashing out … Continue reading

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Untitled document Dean Barnett, writing for The Weekly Standard point out something that should be obvious. Netroots and Israel do not mix. And that may be a huge liability for the Democrats. WHEN THE BOMBS began to fall in the … Continue reading

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The Clearwater Monster

Untitled document Beginning in the late 1940's mysterious tracks began appearing on beaches around Clearwater, Florida. Local imaginations were inflamed. Some people came forward to announce they had seen something on the beach, they just weren't sure what. The news … Continue reading

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