Hoose, Morse Or Hoax?

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A Canadian man claims one of his mares gave birth to an odd colt. He believes the mare mated with a moose. The colt has longer than normal legs and a head very like a moose. Experts will conduct genetic tests but are very skeptical of the claim.

MONTREAL (AFP) – A rare mating of a wild moose and a mare likely resulted in the birth of a funny-looking colt with a big head and long legs, a rancher in French-speaking Quebec province said.

But veterinarians are conducting tests to confirm his claim.

Bambi, born 11 weeks ago in the Gaspe Peninsula after a mysterious conception, has the head of a moose atop a horse frame, Francois Larocque told AFP. "It's not an ordinary colt."

He told Le Soleil newspaper: "When the mare gave birth, my sisters said: 'It has a moose head.'"

Passers-by spotted more similarities to a moose in the foal: Bambi has elongated legs, likes to hang out in a nearby forest where moose typically venture, and sleeps lying down instead of upright like a horse, Larocque said.

A front-page headline in the newspaper La Presse quipped: "Is Bambi a hoose or a morse."

But Gilles Landry, a biologist with Quebec's parks and wildlife department, remains skeptical.

"I have serious doubts because there has never been a birth from a moose and a horse reported, even though some have mated," he said. "It's more likely that it's a deformed animal."

To tell you the truth, the picture in Le Soliel doesn't appear to show anything other than an ugly colt. (Article is in French.) Maybe from a different angle Bambi looks more moosey. Is that a word?

Well, if it's true, would it be a sign of the Apocalypse? Or just a chance to call out the only phrase possible in a situation like this: "Hi yo, Bullwinkle, away!"

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3 Responses to Hoose, Morse Or Hoax?

  1. Hucbald says:

    *cough-BS-cough* There isn’t even a HINT of a dewlap under that colt’s chinny-chin-chin, so it’s just a fugly equine.

    I mean, the farmer is a FRENCH-Canadian, m-kay? Sheesh.


    (Full Dsclosure: I’m a Newfie, naturalized a US citizen).

  2. Gaius says:

    Yeah, I think the guy has been nipping at the Quebec equivalent of Kentucky moonshine myself. That is just an ugly horse.

    My wife (resident horse expert) says so, too. She had a horse with a head like a cinder block. That is not an exaggeration, either. I helped take care of him for years.

  3. jarrett says:

    We’ll just have to wait and see if it befriends any flying squirrels, unless you want to rely on the genetic testing.

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