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Is Hezbollah Folding?

Untitled document This is truly bizarre. According to this report, Hezbollah politicians have agreed to some pretty startling concessions to end the war. BEIRUT, Lebanon – Hezbollah politicians, while expressing reservations, have joined their critics in the government in agreeing … Continue reading

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Shootings At Jewish Federation Of Seattle

Untitled document Via Powerline, there have been shootings at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. At least two people injured and one person taken into custody. Very little is known other than the flash traffic. SEATTLE (AP) — Two people … Continue reading

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An American Soldier’s Perspective On Israel

Untitled document Some Perspective from my son, serving in Iraq. Except for a few sideways references in the past couple of weeks, I've remained pretty quiet about the current situation in Lebanon. I figured it was time I put my … Continue reading

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Landis Denies Doping Allegations

Untitled document American bicyclist Floyd Landis made a public appearance today and categorically denied using any doping in his Tour de France victory. He will undergo any testing necessary to prove any elevation of his testosterone level is natural and … Continue reading

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All The Nudes That’s Fit To Print

Untitled document Well, it's time for a roundup of important nudes, er, news from all over. Item: The world's largest strip poker tournament, which started as an April Fool joke by an Irish bookie, will actually be held next month. … Continue reading

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Cindy’s Sockpuppet

Untitled document Oh my. This just keeps getting better! Via Hot Air, it appears that Cindy Sheehan used a front person to buy the land. According to the woman who sold the land, a man bought the land after telling … Continue reading

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New Opportunity For Beachfront Property

Untitled document Some brand new prime real estate has just become available! Beachfront property on a lovely lake away from all the neighbors. Wear your snuggies though. The lake is made of liquid methane. The newly discovered lake is on … Continue reading

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Hezbollah Rocket Hits Israeli Hospital

Untitled document No injuries reported, thankfully. A Hezbollah rocket hit the top floor of the main hospital in the border city of Nahariya. Later Friday, a Hezbollah rocket hit the top floor window of the main hospital in the Israeli … Continue reading

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Untitled document John Bolton slaps Senator John "Cool Hat Luke" Kerry upside the head with the truth. Gateway Pundit has all the flips and flops all tied together in a neat little package. Tweet

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Long Range Rockets Fired Into Israel

Untitled document In what Ynet news is calling an escalation, longer range rockets carrying larger explosive warheads have been launched by Hezbollah into Israel. Fortunately, the five rockets hit empty fields. However, these are the first long range rockets seen … Continue reading

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On Moral Compasses

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer has an outstanding piece up in the Washington Post. In it he poses the simple question: "What other country, when attacked in an unprovoked aggression across a recognized international frontier, is then put on a countdown … Continue reading

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Dateline London

Untitled document The police in England are in the news today. Item: Displaying a total lack of a sense of humor, London police have ordered a woman to take down a sign on her garden gate. The sign had been there … Continue reading

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UN Withdraws Unarmed Observers

Untitled document Finally, after getting four of them killed, the UN has withdrawn the unarmed UN observers (UNTSO). BEIRUT, Lebanon – The United Nations has decided to remove unarmed observers from their posts along the Israeli-Lebanese border, moving them in … Continue reading

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What Does This Teach Us?

Untitled document Warren Christopher pontificates in the Washington Post on his role in two ceasefires with Hezbollah that he helped negotiate. He misses completely the irony of that which he writes upon. My own experience in the region underlies my belief that … Continue reading

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The Actions Of Barbarians

Untitled document Two years ago, the Iranian clerical courts had a 16-year old girl executed. Her crime? She was raped by a 51 year old former Revolutionary Guard member. The BBC actually published this story, which surprises me. They did … Continue reading

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