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Damning With Faint Praise

Untitled document Well, here's David Broder's piece that will get him dropped from a LOT of left-wing non-denominational, multi-culturally inclusive, non-judgmental holiday card lists (And drop the word holiday if that offends and use 'best wishes'). He's, shall we say, less … Continue reading

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Hartford Courant For Lieberman

Untitled document I have remarked on the outstanding coverage the Hartford Courant has given to the Lieberman-Lamont match up. They have been almost a model for neutral reporting (the New York Times would do well to emulate them). Today, they … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson Uproar

Untitled document There's a lot of activity in the blogosphere over the story that Mel Gibson was a)arrested for DUI and b)Made a complete ass out of himself with a tirade of nastiness and Jew-hatred. He has issued a lengthy … Continue reading

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Chavez In Iran

Untitled document Cindy Sheehan's main squeeze Hugo Chavez visited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Tehran on Saturday. They apparently pledged mutual support. Anti-U.S. leaders Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad met in Tehran on Saturday, pledging mutual … Continue reading

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Rockets Continue

Untitled document More than 90 rockets were launched by Hezbollah into Israel on Saturday. A number of towns were hit and several people are reported to have been wounded. Five people sustained light shrapnel wounds Saturday when over 90 Katyusha … Continue reading

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New York Times Attempts Hit On Lieberman

Untitled document Well, no real surprise, but the New York Times is going to endorse Lamont in the Sunday paper. (Anyone know if they are in the habit of making endorsements in Connecticut primaries?) Adam Nagourney has a preemptive post-mortem … Continue reading

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Where Can We Get An Unwelcome Wagon?

Untitled document That's what the people who live in Crawford, Texas want to know. There is little positive anticipation of the arrival of the Sheehan Circus and Sideshow® in that small town. "I wish she'd stay away. Crawford's a Republican … Continue reading

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Sigh. The Animals Win.

Untitled document It is a sad day indeed. The baboons at Knowsley Safari Park, near Liverpool, England, have opened a zoo. They keep construction workers there. A band of baboons began screeching and chattering when a team of construction workers commenced … Continue reading

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Iran To World: Up Yours

Untitled document Iranian state radio has announced that Tehran will reject the UN incentive package. Although not the official voice of the Iranian government, the state radio is generally considered to express the intentions of the Mullahs. TEHRAN, Iran – … Continue reading

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Politics As Disco

Untitled document Watching politics is sometimes like watching a really bad dance contest. Picture a 70's style disco and a bunch of guys in polyester leisure suits (in various pastel colors not actually found in nature) vying on the dance … Continue reading

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I Fear For England

Untitled document I fear for the survival of one of our staunchest allies when a single, anonymous so-called animal rights activist can bring a time honored tradition to an end. When England is no longer safe for "Conger Cuddling", it … Continue reading

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Seattle Shootings Update

Untitled document The Associated Press has an updated story about the shootings at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle yesterday. Not a lot of new information, I'm afraid, but they have a few things such as the name of the … Continue reading

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Toy Weapons

Untitled document When is a toy not a toy? How about when you turn a radio controlled toy car into a device to detect and destroy roadside bombs? The Washington Post has an article that covers all kinds of efforts … Continue reading

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Chavez And Control Of Information

Untitled document An open letter in today's Washington Post is instructive for those who like to screech about how they are being repressed here in the US. Written by Diana Daniels, general counsel of The Washington Post Co. and president … Continue reading

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Protesters Mob Australian PM

Untitled document A mob of about 200 people waving Lebanese and Palestinian flags mobbed Australian Prime Minister John Howard's car in the Western Australian city of Perth. One of the screaming horde that surrounded and jumped on Howard's car was … Continue reading

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