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Untitled document Sebastian Mallaby, a Washington Post writer I have taken exception to before, has a column in Monday's WaPo. Ah, the parade of tired out clichés is quite enormous – and revealing: The first lesson is that allies do … Continue reading

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IAF Suspends Operations For 48 Hours

Untitled document The Israeli Air Force has announced it will cease operations over Lebanon for 48 hours or until a complete inquiry into the Qana incident is finished. They reserve the right to act if they determine attacks are about … Continue reading

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The Blue Crab As Terror Fighter!

Untitled document CS Scott at Security Watchtower passed this one along. A new nanosensor has been developed with the help of the humble blue crab! A substance found in crab shells called chitosan has very useful properties. For example, it has … Continue reading

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A Slam (De)Bunk

Untitled document Gateway Pundit takes down that recurring meme the press keeps puking up about how Iraq is Vietnam all over again. The only resemblance is the media's alliance with the far left to paint positive developments as outright defeat. … Continue reading

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A Bat Upside The Head

Untitled document Last night, the battle of Pool Harbor turned strange. The family went over to have dinner with our future daughter-in-law's family. It's been miserably hot here, so they had cooked everything outside so as to not further stress … Continue reading

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Isn’t This Odd?

Untitled document A few points to ponder: Item: The village in Lebanon where civilian deaths occurred – many of them children – is the exact same village that forced a world outcry in 1996 and caused Israel to agree to a … Continue reading

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War Once Removed

Untitled document Mark Steyn has a sobering opinion piece in the Chicago Sun-Times that should be required reading. He starts out tearing apart a commenter who threw the "chickenhawk" nonsense that the left is so fond of these days at … Continue reading

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Axis Of Egos

Untitled document If one is paying attention to many things that are going on in the world all at the same time, certain patterns begin to emerge. Train bombings in Mumbai, war in Gaza, war in Lebanon, missile tests in … Continue reading

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All Is Not As It Seems

Untitled document Varifrank has a longish but fascinating speculation on what may actually be going on in Lebanon right now. It's quite interesting and would explain a few things, much as what Wretchard did at the Belmont Club. Many of … Continue reading

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A Road Out?

Untitled document Brent Scowcroft writes in today's Washington Post an outline for a plan for a comprehensive settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. On paper it would appear to be a reasonable plan. There are a number of compromises that … Continue reading

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Osama Bin Chicken?

Untitled document A new documenary informs us that Osama bin Laden was noted for running away when the bombs started falling. That is according to a long-time associate and former ally. Osama Bin Laden talks tough, but other mujahedeen laughed … Continue reading

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Human Shields

Untitled document In the third week of a war started by Hezbollah, after weeks of warning civilians to get out of Southern Lebanon, the Israeli Air Force Struck at a town that had been the launch site for hundreds of … Continue reading

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Pigeon Dive Bombers

Untitled document So if Sunday you're free, Why don't you come with me, And we'll poison the pigeons in the park. And maybe we'll do In a squirrel or two, While we're poisoning pigeons in the park. We'll murder them … Continue reading

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Lending a Hand, Part Three

Untitled document Well, Linda Kay, the exotic dancer who kept a severed human hand, affectionately named Freddy, in a jar of formaldehyde on a bedroom dresser, has been arrested. She remains in Jail. Her attorney says she plans to plead … Continue reading

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Deadly Rain

Untitled document More than 100 rockets fell on Israel Sunday. Only a single person was lightly wounded, however. One person was wounded in a rocket barrage that landed in Kiryat Shmona shortly after 2:45 p.m. on Sunday. He was listed … Continue reading

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