An Empty Pot Makes The Most Noise

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When you were a child did you use Mom's pots and pans as impromptu drums? Did you sit on the kitchen floor and beat on those pots and pans with one of the wooden spoons Mom kept? I did, I am told, though I honestly don't remember. But I know some of my own kids did so. It was a way to keep them amused and it cost nothing.

One fact of beating on a pot or a pan is that an empty one will make considerably more noise than a full one. Physics rules in this situation. There is a resonance, a timbre that you get with an empty pot that simply cannot happen with a full one. Anyone who's tried to pull that one pan out that they are pretty sure will make it, but doesn't quite, knows this. The crash and clatter of the empty pots that fall on the floor tells you what kind of pan makes the most noise. The empty ones.

I happened to have lived through the years of the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Wait, let me rephrase that. I survived the years of the Carter presidency. I suffered through the increasing increasing interest rates, the inflation, the dying job market, the diminishing global stature. Culminating in Iranian "students" taking our diplomats hostage. Then watching the inept fumbling trying to deal with that situation.

In the years since, I have noticed something odd. Former presidents really remain pretty quiet about the next president and the next. I can't really recall Harry Truman commenting on Eisenhower's policies. Or Eisenhower on Kennedy. Or Johnson on Nixon. You get my point.

But lord, lord, lord do I hear Jimmy Carter. On everything. No matter what, he has an opinion. And he screams it to hign heaven. As he does today, yet again, in the Washington Post. Informing us in his great and glorious wisdom how the world needs to solve the Middle East problem.

And I think about empty pots.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Jimmy Carter is to a great extent the cause of current problems in the Middle East. From facilitating Iran’s Islamic Republic and the invasion of Afghanistan, along with the ligitimization of the PLO, he set the stage for the rise of Islamofacism the world is now facing. Without Iranian backed Hezbollah, Israel might have been able to finish the PLO and we might have had a better chance for a stable Lebanese government back in the 1980’s. I remember saying “thanks, Jimmy” with every hijacking to Beirut and with the bombing of our Marine barracks there. He could have handled Iran in a different fashion. He could have told the Shah that he would only support him as long as he was on a clear road to establishing democratic institutions. Instead we pulled the rug out and created a vacuum.

    He did the same in Nicaragua.

    Thanks a lot, Jimmy, for nothing.

  2. Harvey Rainham says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Jimmy Carter’s opinion. He has pinpointed the root cause of the problems in the Middle East which no Western Politician is prepared to tackle. As long as we turn a blind eye to the real problem, this violence will not stop. Israel has reacted with such force on the kidnapping of its soldiers, imagine what the Lebanese and the people of Palestine feel who have thousands of its people locked away by Israel, land taken away by Israel, Big Wall built around them (Reminds me of the Berlin Wall which the West condemed but turn a blind eye when it comes to Israel) When a people feel helpless and cannot get justice, thats when they turn into human bombs and support anyone who will fight even though it is futile. If we do not tackle this problem head on and not be afraid of upsetting our friends by taking the right steps to solve this problem then we are headed for very troubling times.

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  6. crosspatch says:

    Harvey … here is what you seem to overlook:

    There was a group of Hezbollah terrorists who raided Israel. They went into an apartment building. They took a father and a child. They took the father and the child down to the beach. They shot the father while forcing the child to watch and then laid the child’s head on a rock and smashed it with a rifle butt. That terrorist was captured.

    Hezbollah then recently crossed into Israel, killed Israeli soldiers and took two hostage to use to exchange for the one who had killed that father and child.

    In this case the issue is not land and has nothing to do with the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Hezbollah are not Palestinians. Israel is faced with two problems. The first is one where Hezbollah sits across the border and launches raids and rockets to kill her civilians. The second problem is that Hezbollah is a proxy army of Iran’s own Hezbollah … the ruling political party in Iran. Iran has threatened to use Hezbollah against Israel if Israel responds militarilly to Iranian nuclear ambitions.

    The world can not allow tactics of murder and kidnapping to succeed because it results in more of it. If those tactics succeed, the terrorists continue to use them. Israel was faced yet again with another murder/kidnapping and more rockets launched into her territory. In light if recent Iranian behavior and UN resolutions having not been enacted that would disarm Hezbollah and place the Lebanese army on the border, Israel finally decided that enough was enough and has launched an operation to clear Hezbollah from the border areas until a multinational force and hopefully eventually a Lebanese force can take control of the area.

    What Hezbollah is doing has nothing to do with any struggle against injustice. It is terrorism plain and simple. It is a campaign of killing Israelis simply because they are Israelis. Hezbollah is in the business of killing civilians. That is what they do. Their rockets into Israel are designed to kill civilians and the tactics they use in Lebanon are designed to maximize civilian casualties no matter how careful Israel tries to be.

    Those people are monsters. They need to be disarmed. The world has had years to do this and did nothing. I can’t say I blame Israel.

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