Qana – Hey, It Worked The First Time

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EU Referendum has what is very likely the most damning collection of evidence ever collected on what is shaping up to be Hezbollywood's last production. They have been caught really badly on this one, if the world's press would bother to pay attention. The same guy – exact same guy – is doing the "rescue work" in the first "Qana Massacre" as in the second. And the obvious posing of the same people with the same bodies in various locations. Folks – this is propaganda, and in the age of the internet, this kind of stuff becomes obvious.

The Western media is being played, and it is cooperating.

But the great tragedy for Qana, of which we are constantly reminded by the media, is that this is history apparently repeating itself. On 18 April 1996, the village was also visited by death and destruction. re-visiting the photographs of the time, however, who do we see at the centre of the action? Why, "Green Helmet" of course. This is a younger man, without his glasses, but recognisably the same man, in his now classic pose of handling a victim of an Israeli "atrocity".

Word needs to get out on this – this is very serious.

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