We Tried To Warn You

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If Denmark had only listened to us here at Blue Crab Boulevard, this never would have happened. But they didn't pay attention to our timely post about the power-diving pigeons of perdition. And lo and behold, a fowl kamikaze went and took out their entire rail system!

The unfortunate bird is believed to have been fried on overhead cables used to power trains, causing an outage on the main line linking Copenhagen with the rest of the country, a DSB spokesman told national television station TV2.

Rail travellers faced severe disruption on Monday, and DSB said it did not expect traffic to return to normal before Tuesday.

Unfortunate bird, indeed. This was intentional! This bird willingly flambéed itself just to advance the animal cause. Next time, pay attention!

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5 Responses to We Tried To Warn You

  1. This is getting ominous. Next we’ll see cows joining the moojahideen…

  2. Gaius says:

    I think they have already. I’m waiting for the stories to roll in!

  3. Blackhawk says:

    Ya know, I do believe that pigeons are the type of bird that has to land to do ‘#2’, hence all of the ‘#2’d statues. This is just another case of a poor, misunderstood, maligned dumpster chicken.

    However, unconfirmed reports from the scene of this tragedy have stated they heard a pitiful screech just before the victim vaparized that sounded something like ‘I regret nothing!’. Authorities continue to investigate.

  4. Blackhawk says:

    Oh poop. That should have read:

    ‘land to do ‘#2’, hence all of the ta-‘#2’d statues.’

    Ah, lost opportunities. I’ll pour myself another.

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