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Sitting In Judgement

Untitled document It is, of course, easy to blame the occupant of the White House with everything that is wrong in the world. The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful person in the world. What is easy … Continue reading

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Untitled document Charles Krauthammer has an interesting piece up in the Washington Post. It explores the "victory" that Hezbollah won in Lebanon. If Krauthammer is correct, the victory was a grim one. He starts off by noting the same, lame … Continue reading

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Oh Hell – Redux

Untitled document If the New York Times is correct – and these days, I am not really all that confident – then this is very bad news indeed. VIENNA, Aug. 31 — The global nuclear monitoring agency deepened suspicions on … Continue reading

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One Sure Sign

Untitled document That a group knows it is peddling falsehoods is when they try to silence the voice of the group they are attacking. This is nowhere more evident at the moment than in the campaign against Wal-Mart. The union-funded … Continue reading

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The Right Words. But.

Untitled document Reading this article, one becomes quite hopeful that the majority of American Muslims are, indeed, not jihadis waiting to explode. All the right words are here, all the assurances that yes, there are decent people in the majority … Continue reading

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Trouble in (The Worker’s) Paradise

Untitled document If one needs proof that socialism, or communism light, is an unworkable system, one need look no further than Bolivia. The newest Chavez client state and its leftist president, Evo Morales, is starting to get pretty shaky. It … Continue reading

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Oh Hell

Untitled document From the IAEA report on Iran issued today to the UNSC (H/T Vital Perspective): 17. The depleted uranium targets which had been irradiated in the course of the plutonium experiments are stored in containers located at the Karaj … Continue reading

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Is AMLO Folding?

Untitled document An interesting story from Reuters just came across the wires. One of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's closest advisers admitted that AMLO believes the Mexican election court will declare Felipe Calderon to be the winner of the election. AMLO … Continue reading

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Freddy Mercury Celebration Forced To Cancel

Untitled document A birthday bash in honor of the late Freddy Mercury has been canceled. The party was to have been held on Zanzibar, the place of Mercury's birth. Islamists threatened to disrupt the party saying the former frontman for Queen lived … Continue reading

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Forward Into The Past

Untitled document Mimicking an old line from a Firesign Theater skit, NASA awarded a contract to Lockheed-Martin to build the next space capsule to hopefully go to the moon. The problem is, it is a huge step backward to the … Continue reading

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Wave Of Terror Bombings In Thailand

Untitled document Islamist terrorists in Thailand have set off a wave of bombings across Southern Thailand targeting banks. 22 banks were hit, killing one (so far) and wounding at least 29 people. This is NOT coming up on the top … Continue reading

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An Anchoress And A Woodshed

Untitled document The Anchoress has a tour de force reflection on hate and where it will lead for those who wallow in it. She takes more than a few people to the virtual woodshed with this post. She reflects on … Continue reading

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Untitled document Usury: … 2 : the lending of money with an interest charge for its use; especially : the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates 3 : an unconscionable or exorbitant rate or amount of interest; specifically : … Continue reading

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UN Fails To Act

Untitled document A European diplomat, speaking anonymously, says that a European delegation will meet with Iran in a "last ditch" effort to avoid UN sanctions. VIENNA, Austria – Key European nations will meet with Iran in September in a last-ditch … Continue reading

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Yearning For The Good Old Days

Untitled document Andrew Rosenthal, in the New York Times, makes a plaintive lament about the lack of protesters in the streets today. Ah, the good old days of marching in the streets, revolution in the air, teach-ins, sit-ins and all … Continue reading

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