Israelis ≠ Civilians

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Israelis do not equal civilians according to CNN, it would appear. You see, if you are dressed in civilian clothes in Lebanon and are firing rockets at Israel and happen to get killed, CNN is pleased to count you as a civilian. If you happen to be, say, a shopkeeper in Haifa with no ties to the military you are an Israeli.

It is a particularly insidious form of propaganda. CNN specializes in it.

The report began with an account of Haifa by a CNN female correspondent. During the report, there is a single, brief image of Israeli civilians, sitting at a café in Haifa. The picture remains on the screen for a number of seconds, before the journalist is seen being interviewed by the CNN anchor.

"Well some Arab Israelis were very upset when rockets struck their homes and three people died, and all of them were Arab Israelis, and they were complaining that they have hadn't been built bunkers like Israeli Jews in this city," said the journalist, answering a question about relations between Jews and Arabs in Haifa. She later said the answer depended on "who you asked."

The report did not mention any Israeli casualties, and no interviews with Israeli civilians were conducted.

Other than a momentary statistic appearing on the screen, there is no mention of the large number of Israelis who have become displaced from their homes in the north, and the journey home which awaits them to homes possible destroyed by Hizbullah rockets – although on the Lebanese side of the border, the report takes a long look at the return of Lebanese refugees to their homes in southern Lebanon.

There were no interviews from Israeli hospitals, and no mention made of the million Israelis who had been living in bomb shelters for almost a month. Also glaringly absent were images of destroyed homes and buildings across northern Israel.

So you see, there are no civilians in Northern Israel according to CNN. Only Israelis. And they are just hanging out at a coffeehouse, not hiding in bunkers when the sirens wail or streaming South to escape the carnage of ball bearing laced Katyusha rockets fired from civilian areas in Lebanon at Israelis. Nothing to see here. Over in Lebanon, though:

The second half of the report, by CNN's Ben Wiederman, was dramatically different.

The report was saturated with images of Lebanese children playing in ruins, blood stains, destroyed buildings, and personal accounts of Lebanese families attempting to head back to south Lebanon.

It was introduced by CNN's anchor, who said: "Nasrallah also acknowledged the deaths and the destruction of the Lebanese homes, but he said Hizbullah would be ready to help rebuild."

"It was a morning like so many other recent mornings in Tyre. And then there was silence. The ceasefire went into effect at 8 AM local time. And with the prospect of calm, it didn't take long for many of Lebanon's refugees, estimated at more than a million, to pack their belongings, and head south towards home," Wiederman said.

"Beirut's Sinara park has become a temporary refuge. But Monday morning some decided it was to go back. To what, they weren't sure," he added.

Beginning one of a number of interviews with Lebanese civilians, the report continued: "'We're returning to our village but we're not sure if we'll be able to get there,' said this man from a village outside Tyre."

Suggesting that Israel would target Lebanese civilians heading back to Lebanon, Wiederman said: "Last week Israel warned that it would target any car south of the Litani river. The warning remains in effect. But few seem to heed it. Rather they chose to savor the thought that Hizbullah has emerged from this war in their opinion victorious."

You see, Israelis target civilians according to CNN. Those Israelis at the coffeehouse? Just looking for civilians to target. Ask CNN. The people wearing civilian clothes and hiding behind civilians, launching rockets at Israelis, are just civilians if the counter-battery fire catches them. 

CNN, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hezbollah ministry of disinformation.

(Now if you are a very astute reader you noticed that the Ynet writer also referred to 'Israelis'. The difference is that the Ynet reporter is identifying countrymen (and usually, but not always used 'civilian' as well). The CNN report is not applying equal status between the civilians. Lebanese=civilian, Israeli=Israeli in their report. As I said, it is insidious).

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3 Responses to Israelis ≠ Civilians

  1. Roland Hesz says:

    Maybe it’s because the israelis are not split into hezbollah and civilians.

    They are counted as israeli civilians. In short israelis.
    No need to make a distinction.

    I think it’s really straightforward, if you don’t try to read some suspicious plot into the thing.

  2. BubbaB says:

    No, Roland, I have noticed this, too, before I read this blog. The MSM almost never refers to Israeli civilians. But they certainly talked about the Lebanese civilians at Qana.

  3. Roland Hesz says:

    But the lebanese have hezbollah troops plus civilians in Lebanon.

    The israelis have civilians in Israel.

    So, when they write israeli, it implicitely means: they were civilians you know, like usually in a peaceful city not occupied.

    Otherwise they write “two israeli soldiers” or such.

    But that’s just my take on it.

    Not that your comment contradicted mine in anyway.

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