An Anchoress And A Woodshed

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The Anchoress has a tour de force reflection on hate and where it will lead for those who wallow in it. She takes more than a few people to the virtual woodshed with this post. She reflects on this particular made for TV movie that is going to be shown in Britain. Described by the people involved as a "thought-provoking, powerful drama" about murdering the President of the United States. Never mind that this may finally be the point where the vast majority of the public recoils in utter revulsion from the left. The thought it may provoke is not going to be what the folks who embrace and fawn over this kind of sewage believe it will be.

And there have been, here and there, in London and NY, small theatre productions all about how “Bush is bad and Bush is dumb and Bush is the worst person ever and Bush is evil and he should be killed,” yadda, yadda. Little flashpoints of malice offered up as entertainment for people for whom malice is a drug and a way to get through the day.

Those were just little appetizers to the great hunger of Bush hatred which has been fed for five years on forgettable books, tired jokes and Bill Maher. Now, finally here comes the main course, the piece de resistance (or what AJ Strata refers to – correctly – as a Bush-hater’s wet dream): The Assassination of President Bush in a TV “Docudrama!” Ta-da! Applause, applause – what a masterful chef to concoct so enticing a recipe, so desirable a meal! The haters will feed on it ravenously, as though they’ve had no Bush Hate to gnaw on for long years.

And when they eat it, it will destroy them. This meal will taste delicious in the mouth, and it will go down easier than a California mudslide, but after a while – not immediately, but after a while – they will realize they’ve poisoned themselves, willingly, lasciviously, voraciously, luxuriously. Bloated and gaseous they’ll look for an antidote, but there is no antidote to this much hate, except full-scale surrender, contrition and conversion – not necessarily to a religious idea, but to a more humbled mindset, one willing to be taught to love…and these poor folks will probably be too weakened and too ill to manage all that.

This much hate backfires on the hater. You’d think they’d know it by now, but they don’t, of course. They always overplay their hand. They can be counted on to do it.

I feel kind of sorry for the people who – undoubtedly – are multiple-orgasming over this story today. You know what sites to visit to find them, if you must seek them out. I feel sorry for them because this is all they are, loyal subjects enthralled to a Kingship of Hate, which is an evil and a real oppressor, although they don’t think they’re oppressed – well, except by that evil moron, Bush, who is keeping them from living freely or speaking out while they sip their lattes.

The Anchoress thinks this may well be the final straw where the left has finally jumped the shark. All the vitriol leading up to this final orgasm of hatred may show them for what they are and finally discredit this vile behavior. All the projection in the world will not hide what they have become. They speak of a right-wing attack machine. What, then is this? A veritable cesspool for them to wallow in. They simply do not understand what this will do to them in the eyes of the majority of people. I suspect they will be shocked and disbelieving when it becomes apparent how horribly this has backfired on them.

For they will have swallowed their poison, and in turn, been swallowed by it.

UPDATE: Curt at Flopping Aces has some reaction from the DU. Wear hip waders.

UPDATE: It gets worse. AFP reports that the film will debut at the Toronto Film Festival, which starts on September 7th. The premiere is scheduled for September 10th. I feel an international incident coming on.

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8 Responses to An Anchoress And A Woodshed

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  3. Selia says:

    Everything is “us and them” with you. It’s rather sad. But, hopefully some day you will understand through the haze of your ideological loyalty to President Bush, that the world does not hate him as much as they truly fear him. For tangible reasons. They fear his judgement, they fear his leadership, they question his judgement and his leadership. They do not agree with his decisions nor his assessment of what is going on in the world. Nor do they much like being treated in the manner in which they have been treated. Bullied, lied to and condescended to.

    The test of your backwardness is that you would not be so protective of a Democratic President.

    As the terrorists planned 9/11 for YEARS, people such as you attacked the then Commander in Chief for being a murderer, a rapist, a traitor and the list goes on and on.

    Do not think for one moment that this very real distraction to the then sitting Commander in Chief did not have great negative effects upon his ability both politically and personally to carry on the very real business of being Commaner in Chief, just as the current “scandals” that line up against President Bush do the same to him.

    But, then, you are so wrapped up in your “us versus them” mindset, that the simple fact that Clinton was one of “Them”- the enemy, a dirty liberal who deserves nothing but your contempt- you probably don’t even see that your how your own hatred has hurt the USA in many ways.

    Are there people out there who hate Bush? Of course. But, that is the way of things. There will always be those who hate the symbol of power. But, assuming that everyone who does not agree with your dear leader is bound in hatred.

    Ah, you make the classic mistake of the hate filled soul itself.

    Your own hatred blinds you. Your loyalty to a failed presidency blinds you.

    Sad to say, but true.

    And, for what it is worth, the British have a long and storied history of placing current leaders in drama and rewriting the ending, or playing with history.

    Haven’t you read Shakespeare?

  4. Gaius says:

    Thank you proving who is blinded here, Selia. It is not me. You project what you believe I am without having a solitary clue as to the reality. I do not hate the left, I am saddened by them – and by extremists on the right just as much.

    But keep trying to project your idea of what others are and think and do. It reveals much about you.

  5. gogipper says:

    Do not think for one moment that this very real distraction to the then sitting Commander in Chief did not have great negative effects upon his ability both politically and personally to carry on the very real business of being Commaner in Chief,

    — I am saying this without hate. I think you are right, the scandal may have been a contributing factor to Clinton’s ignoring the growing threat.

    This is the very reason that President Clinton should have been honest with the country at the very first and resigned.

    Without hate, he had that choice but his presidential power was more important than being able to completely focus on all aspects of his job.

    Have you studied psychologicial defense mechanisms (e.g. projection)?

  6. Gaius says:

    Who is the question directed at, gogipper?

    Selia’s sweeping generalities do not, of course, actually have any accuracy on what I thought or said about Clinton.

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  8. Roland Hesz says:

    “I am saddened by them – and by extremists on the right just as much.”

    I am glad.
    Still, never read anything bad about extremists on the right.

    They seem to fell on a blind spot of your.
    Or you simply avoid the area and leave it to the “leftist” bloggers?

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