Oh Hell

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From the IAEA report on Iran issued today to the UNSC (H/T Vital Perspective):

17. The depleted uranium targets which had been irradiated in the course of the plutonium
experiments are stored in containers located at the Karaj Waste Storage Facility (GOV/2005/67, para. 24). On 8 August 2005, the Agency took environmental samples from one of those containers. The results from their analysis, recently finalized by the Agency, indicate the presence of high enriched uranium particles. On 15 August 2006, Iran was requested to provide information about the source of the contamination and the past use of the containers.

For those readers who are not conversant with nuclear technology, the fact that Iran has highly enriched uranium particles kicking about indicates that there is more of this stuff around. The fact that they have been bombarding depleted uranium targets indicates weapon production – this is a way to make weapons grade plutonium if you do not have a state of the art plutonium production reactor.

The CIA supposedly thinks they are five years away. They are probably much, much closer. They may well already have an untested device.

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