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Mexico In Turmoil

Untitled document Leftist legislator supporters of leftist loser Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blocked President Vicente Fox of Mexico from delivering his last state of the nation speech by storming the stage. Mexico is in a bad way right now. MEXICO … Continue reading

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The Same Ground Rules

Untitled document One of the worst habits that people can get themselves into is believing that everyone believes in and plays by the same rules. I believe it was Thomas Aquinas (I'm quite sure someone will correct me if I … Continue reading

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Live Longer With The New Wonder Diet!

Untitled document Really! If it worked for George Johnson, why wouldn't it work for you? After all, he just passed away at the age of 112. Doctors say his autopsy showed "youthful" organs, too, despite his diet that largely consisted … Continue reading

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American Astronomers Fight Back

Untitled document American astronomers are not taking the decision to downgrade Pluto from planetary status quietly. They are organizing a campaign to change the definition of a planet once again. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hundreds of U.S. scientists have challenged a … Continue reading

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So, Let’s Take This To The Logical Conclusion

Untitled document Since I've mentioned Baron Samedi a couple of times in the past few days, this item caught my eye. The US Environmental Protection Agency has just completed a study of the ritualistic use of Mercury in some dwellings where … Continue reading

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Successful Anti-Missile Test

Untitled document The US military has completely a very successful test of the anti-missile system it has been developing, shooting down a simulated warhead even though the test was not officially supposed to do so. The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency … Continue reading

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A Woodshed, Part Two

Untitled document Yesterday, I commented on the news of British made for TV movie that portrays a fictional account of the assassination of President Bush. I wasn't exactly pleased with it. Today, the Daily Mail has a synopsis of the plot. … Continue reading

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Changes In Cuba?

Untitled document The AP is reporting that some changes may be slowly starting to happen in Cuba under Raul Castro. It is still awfully hard to tell exactly what is happening and there still is no sign of Fidel. (After … Continue reading

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More Signs

Untitled document Today, there are still more signs that the economy is simply nowhere near as bad as pessimists and other professional pessimists want to paint it. The jobless rate decreased again as employers added some 128,000 jobs. Hiring perked … Continue reading

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Cambodia Passes Adultery Law – Legislators Walk Out

Untitled document The Cambodian parliament has passed a law which could send convicted adulterers to jail for up to a year. Lawmakers opposed to the measure immediately stormed out. The vote prompted a walkout by opposition lawmakers who said the … Continue reading

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Assurances From Dictators

Untitled document Well, I certainly feel reassured. Kofi Annan has held a press conference to tell the world that Bashar Assad has agreed to enforce a weapons embargo on Hezbollah. And they are even offering to conduct joint patrols with … Continue reading

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Batty Behavior

Untitled document A school in Arkansas has had to evacuate students from classrooms until officials can deal with a situation that is driving the educators batty. That would be an infestation of bats who have invaded the walls and ceilings … Continue reading

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Explaining The War

Untitled document Daniel Henninger has a column up in the Opinion Journal that is well worth taking the time to read. It makes the case for Bush to not repeat the mistakes Truman made in 1950. (H/T Blackhawk in the … Continue reading

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Bears Raid Kitchen – Get Surprise

Untitled document A 72-year old woman cooking pot roast was surprised to find a bear standing in her kitchen. The bear hissed and swatted the woman. Whereupon the feisty woman scared the beast out of her kitchen! They raise 'em … Continue reading

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Killing A Zombie

Untitled document Yesterday, I wrote about the attempt by some to resurrect the foul corpse of the Plame investigation. CNN was happy to bring Baron Samedi to the graveyard while the dynamic duo of Plame and Wilson keep trying the … Continue reading

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