Bears Raid Kitchen – Get Surprise

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A 72-year old woman cooking pot roast was surprised to find a bear standing in her kitchen. The bear hissed and swatted the woman. Whereupon the feisty woman scared the beast out of her kitchen! They raise 'em tough in Colorado, apparently. Then comes the best part of the story. The women then found the bear's cub also in her house. She pushed it out the door!

The unidentified woman walked into the kitchen and found the bear standing six feet away, apparently surprising it, Vail police Sgt. Dan Torgerson said. The bear hissed at her and swatted her chest and arm, giving her some minor scratches. The woman then scared it off by yelling and clapping her hands.

Torgerson said the bear hissed again and then left through a side door.

"If the bear was trying to hurt her, it very easily could have," he said. "I think it was just surprised."

The woman then found a cub in her house and she pushed it out the door, Torgerson said.

That bear and cub are believed to be the same ones that entered another home and ate food off the kitchen counter. The owners refused to let wildlife officials set traps for bears in their homes.

Another burglary attempt by the animal uprising foiled by a feisty 72-year old woman. She is our hero for the day!

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