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More Detail On British Arrests

Untitled document The Daily Mail is reporting that British authorities moved in on what they believed was a facility to train and indoctrinate youths into an extremist mindset. It was not an overt terrorist training facility, apparently. Anti-terror police raided … Continue reading

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Even Cubans Notice

Untitled document There is something very wrong about the entire situation with Fidel Castro. Even Cubans on the street and anonymous (for rather obvious reasons) Cuban surgeons are saying that there is something off about reports on Castro's condition. Castro's … Continue reading

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Our Very Own Lord Haw Haw

Untitled document How wonderful. Al Qaeda has employed a modern day Lord Haw Haw, the man who did propaganda broadcasts for the Nazis during the Second World War. Although a number of different announcers were given that particular nickname, the … Continue reading

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61 Years Ago Today

Untitled document Representatives of the Japanese government signed the official instrument of surrender ending the final phase of the Second World War. The Documents were signed on board the battleship USS Missouri anchored in Tokyo Bay. A short formal signing ceremony brought … Continue reading

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The Big Lie

Untitled document One of the most important propaganda tools there is is to tell the big lie and keep repeating it over and over again until it is reaches general circulation and gains that status known as common knowledge. So … Continue reading

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Lunar Litterbugs

Untitled document The European Space Agency plans on dumping a bunch of litter across the lunar landscape sometime around 1:20 am EDT when they crash their SMART-1 spacecraft onto the surface of the moon. BERLIN – Europe's first mission to … Continue reading

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The Stone Walls

Untitled document Confederate Yankee has been asking the folks at Editor and Publisher for an explanation of Greg Mitchell's apparent rewrite of an old story. He has been getting nothing at all in response. I don't really think it is … Continue reading

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How To Tell It Is A Slow News Day

Untitled document Ah, the dog days. This is, of course, a time when news generally slows down. Traffic on the web is down a fair amount too. But today, I finally realized how slow the news really is today though. … Continue reading

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The Ultimate In Extreme Sports

Untitled document Bored with life? Want to do a little thrill-seeking just to get the blood pumping? Do you find that paragliding just doesn't do it for you anymore? Do what an Israeli man did then. Add excitement by landing … Continue reading

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14 British Troops Killed In Afghanistan

Untitled document A NATO aircraft carrying 14 British servicemen crashed in Afghanistan, killing all on board. Officials are not saying what caused the crash, but the Taliban say they shot the plane down using a Stinger missile. The crash came … Continue reading

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Failing To Pay A Living Wage

Untitled document I expect an immediate coast-to-coast caravan to protest this grave injustice. The perpetrators of this travesty of the American dream must be brought down at once? Wal-Mart? Nope, they pay really well compared to the real evil-doers. The … Continue reading

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Attacks On Jews Increasing

Untitled document Attacks on Jews in Britain have soared since the war in Lebanon, triple the average since record keeping began. The British government is calling for immediate intervention. BRITISH Jews are facing a wave of anti-Semitic attacks prompted by … Continue reading

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The Shame Of The UN

Untitled document When it comes to condemning Israel, the UN generally pulls out all the stops and gets resolutions passed in record time. When it comes to halting genocide by Islamist militias in the Sudan, however, if they get around … Continue reading

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More About The Anti-Missile Test

Untitled document The Washington Post reports on the successful anti-missile test yesterday. When I noted the event yesterday, I wrote that I thought it an amazing feat even though such tests are not completely realistic. The WaPo article spends the … Continue reading

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Site Meter Problems

Untitled document It would appear that my Site Meter counter has ceased working. StatCounter shows normal traffic, Site Meter has not counted anything since about 2am. If anyone has a clue what might be wrong, let me know, please. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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