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“We Simply Go On. . .”

Untitled document The words of Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Vice President of Iraq to reporters grilling him about what is happening in Iraq. Mahdi came to Washington to try to ascertain the intent of the United States. For while politicians … Continue reading

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The Wrong Fight

Untitled document CBS huffs about First Amendment rights. The American Family Association huffs that it about responsibility to the public. Both are wrong. The dispute is about the planned airing (actually re-airing since it has been televised without complaint twice … Continue reading

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British Police Search 17 Homes

Untitled document As part of the investigation into the most recent terrorism related arrests made in Britain, authorities are searching 17 homes in addition to the Islamic School they are already searching. LONDON (Reuters) – Police investigating an alleged terrorist … Continue reading

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Untitled document New York State Trooper Joseph Longobardo has died from the wound he sustained while staking out the home of the girlfriend of an escaped convict. Ralph "Bucky" Phillips escaped from jail on what was actually a minor offense … Continue reading

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Mexico Headed For Civil War?

Untitled document This is really a very unhealthy situation for any nation. The leftist loser of the Mexican presidential election has proclaimed that he will never accept the electoral victory of his opponent and is setting up his very own … Continue reading

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Major NATO Offensive In Afghanistan

Untitled document A major NATO operation in Afghanistan by NATO forces has killed a reported 200 Taliban fighters. Four Canadian soldiers have been killed in the fighting. The aircraft that crashed yesterday, killing 14 British servicemen was not shot down … Continue reading

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Iran Spits On UN

Untitled document All the wonderful spin that has been wasted on trying to portray Kofi Annan's visit to Tehran in the best possible light was completely undone at the end of his visit. The Iranians announced they would host a … Continue reading

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Hate And Hope

Untitled document The Ku Klux Klan held a rally, defiling the ground at Gettysburg. About 30 of them demonstrated for two hours our so where men ever so much better than them once stood, fought and died. This offends me, … Continue reading

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Looking For Super-Thermite

Untitled document Steven E. Jones, the physics professor who is heavily involved in the 9/11 moonbattery festivals was quoted today in the New York Times as saying that his group was looking into the possibility of "super-thermite", whatever the heck … Continue reading

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Sending Signals

Untitled document The Washington Post has a long article about the trials of a number of people convicted of various terrorism related crimes. It is framed by the "Muslims worried about being targeted" story line that has become somewhat shopworn … Continue reading

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Finally! Scientific Evidence!

Untitled document At long last we have scientific proof that eating fruits and vegetable is bad for you! It's about time. SUNDAY, Sept. 3 (HealthDay News) — Does your mouth get itchy after you eat fresh fruits or vegetables at … Continue reading

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Flipper Flogging French Fishermen

Untitled document My blogger friend from Thailand, Agam, tipped me to this post over at Tim Blair's place. It seems the French are also experiencing the animal uprising. Only this time its Flipper that's freaking out and flailing away at … Continue reading

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Important Arrest In Iraq

Untitled document The Iraq government announced the capture of the second in command of al Qaeda in Iraq. They believe that the terrorist organization is suffering a severe crisis in leadership as the command structure is disintegrating. BAGHDAD, Sept. 3 … Continue reading

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An Important Nugget

Untitled document Here's an interesting article that has an extremely important little nugget in it that really reveals the problems the Democrats are facing, especially if the netroots succeed in dragging the party hard to the left. The article describes … Continue reading

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Don’t Hold Your Breath

Untitled document Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard has a rogues gallery of bad actors in the "Plamegate" non-scandal. It is quite amusing to see it all laid out in a national publication. But even Barnes acknowledges it would be … Continue reading

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